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      I have been crossdressing for a while. I am ok being a man and go the pub with friends, I also go the gym. If I had a masculine Β muscly body particularly my legs would hormones do anything or would I still simply look like a man. How long do changes generally take and could you hide it if you wanted to many thanks xxx

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      Hi Alana and welcome to TGH.Β  Yes hormone therapy does work….it is the key to transformation. Under a doctors care….you can start to become more feminized. The open market supplements do help a bit but you must be careful and research these items very carefully. Messing with your hormone systems can be very dangerous for your health and upset your whole body. Each person is a bit different as well….what is ok for one may not be ok for another. Speak to your physician and see what he has to say first. I am here for you… me any time for more info or just to say hi!

      Dame Veronica

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      Alana, it’s different for everyone and seems to come in spurts of change.Β  I’m at 6 months and have good breast growth, skin has softened and body hair thinned.Β  Fat distribution doesn’t seem to have started, but the abdomen fat is no linger firm.Β  It’s more soft and spongy like it should be.Β  I could not hide the chest any longer without binding.


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      Personally I am on my second week and my chest has already started to develop. Those around me say I am calmer like the edge has been ‘softened?’ All I know is that I feel more right. My wife says that my face has already started to soften but all I see is the beard I am trying to get rid of.

      My experience is not what others may have. Before starting HRT I was taking herbs, that may or may not have impacted my start. I do know, from the constant blood tests over the past 8 months, that my T for a guy is in the low low rang and my E was in the very high range for a guy. The high and low was before starting HRT.

      As Cloe said, work with a doctor to find what is right for you so that you stay healthy.

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        Very helpful as I just started this week. Β I am well versed, but, it’s so important to hear from others, and what they are experiencing.


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      Did herbs work for anyone at all then

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      How do you tell your doctor that put you on Testerone Β because your T level was to low and your body was not manly enough that you would love to have a female body and the worst part is the doctor is part of my family. Any ideas or help would be appreciated thanks.

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