God is my copilot

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    Danielle Fox

    Hello Ladies,
    There is a bumper sticker I have seen untold number of times and have always found it cute “God is my copilot”. Yesterday morning this bumper sticker took on a very significant meaning for me. I was on my way to work along my normal route the weather was normal and dark at this time of year for 0600 in the morning (6am civilian time). I was coming up on a 90 degree curve at my usual 45 miles per hour and had no thoughts going through my head which were abnormal. Then out of the blue my right front tire grabs the edge of the road and  pulls me into gravel which further funnels me into tire ruts in the ditch. Remember that part about my speed of 45 miles per hour? All of this was happening so fast I didn’t have time to hit my brakes and I continued bouncing down this rutted ditch until I came to a sudden stop by hitting a telephone pole at 45 mile per hour. I do remember the back end of this rental vehicle, a Nissan Rogue, lift into the air and the windshield shattering and the roof crushing inward. That was all I remembered. The next thing I know I see light from my left and someone asking me for my drivers license which I promptly fished out of my wallet and handed over. If you ever looked into a Kaleidoscope when you were young and remember all of the colors and the changing scenes then you have a vague idea of what I was seeing just no color. The rescue team finally got my door open and I promptly stepped out of the Rogue and was laid onto a gurney.  My next memory was rolling into the EMT rescue truck and answering some questions, calling my wife, and texting my boss. I feel us drive off and then we arrived at the Hospital ER all within seconds of me stepping out of the Rogue. I know for a fact it takes 20 minutes at 60mph to get from where I in the ER at the Ohio Health Hospital in town. Something wasn’t right but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I remember my clothes getting cut off of me, brand new pair of panties too, damnit. These professionals didn’t bat an eyelash nor mention anything later it was just business as usual, huh. So as time moved along the way I saw it happen was like from someone else’s eyes and from far away. When the doctor came in at one point it was to stitch up my left ear. My wife was there! Where did she come from and when? I could just make out the doctor telling my wife that there would be no pain relief via a needle, no pain relief at all because of something to do with the ear construction and where I needed the stitches. SO he took the needle and line and inserted the needle into my ear……..HOLY mary mother of God!!!!! ouch! that friggin hurt. Only 3 more to go so hang on calm down and get ready for….HOLY cow and a frog’s balls!!!!!! and so on for 2 more stitches. No broken bones, no intestines on the floor, no decapitation. Nope, nothing that drastic just a major concussion, a bunch of twisted musculature, my right hand and arm cut up by glass with a few chunks of flesh scooped out and some seriously sore ribs all around. Mild whiplash and that just about covers it…..oh wait I forgot about the rental vehicle which is a Nissan Rogue – totalled, a complete loss. I seem to remember one of the EMTs mentioning something about someone was very lucky to be alive……..The next day we had to go to the Police department, go by the towing company, and to my Chiropractor. Well if you click each link below, you will see the Rogue I was driving. I have had a lot of people who have seen the vehicle tell me I am lucky to be alive and I just nod my head and move along. When it comes down to it and seeing the inside of the Rogue the next day……God was my copilot, truly. This Sunday I plan on going to visit church and say a prayer of thanks to him. 6″ only 6″. Is all the vehicle would have had to move to the right and I would not be here now letting my sisters know how happy I am to be alive and be myself. Loves and hugs







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      Terri M

      Danielle so glad your ok. I’ve had a few life experiences that made me glad I survived.More than few times I have asked God why did that happen? There are questions that we will never know the answer to. All we can do is learn something by the experiences and live our lives the best we can.
      Yours Terri

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      I don’t mind the occasional ecclesiastical post thanking whomever guides you; however, I hope we don’t start speaking in tongues!! Many religions are not yet our friends…


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      Wow, it’s amazing to hear about the close call you had and how you were able to come out of the accident with only minor injuries. The statement “God is my copilot” takes on a whole new meaning after reading your story. It’s clear that you have a deep appreciation for the power of faith and the role it played in your survival. It’s truly a reminder that God is always with us, even in our darkest moments. If you’re looking for a community to share your faith journey with, consider visiting https://firstchurchlove.com. #FaithandSurvival #Godiswithus

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      <span data-sheets-value=”{"1":2,"2":"God is always guiding and protecting us, even in the most difficult of times. Stay strong!"}” data-sheets-userformat=”{"2":375619,"3":{"1":0},"4":{"1":2,"2":16777215},"9":1,"11":3,"12":0,"14":{"1":2,"2":921626},"15":"Arial","16":10,"18":1,"19":0,"21":0}”>God is always guiding and protecting us, even in the most difficult of times. Stay strong!</span>

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      Thank you Cloe,

      I cannot express enough how lucky I feel and how happy I am. Of course there are the hundred and one things to take care of after an accident of this proportion. Even with no loss of life there is quite a bit to be done. If anything could dampen my spirit it is paperwork and running around to get things done. But my amazing wife is such a woman to make me proud. If I could become 1/2 the woman she is I will have succeeded in my goal. Honestly how can men believe they have it tough? So I say thank you so much for your love Cloe. I hope your journey goes well and you are such a lovely woman inside and out. Love ❤️ and hugs 🤗


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        I missed all of this that happened to you earlier in Sept. So happy you are with us and recovering, so happy your angels were guiding that vehicle. My prayers are with you for contining healing.

        All my best my friend,

        -Terri Anne

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        Miss Cloé

        Being a woman means being strong on the inside.  But like most everything, we are not meant to do it alone.  The relationships we build need to be healthy ones that build up that inner strength in each of us and this is where we are given the wings to fly.  The paperwork is just busy work and yes it can be drudgery and defeating, but just a simple reach out from a friend can wipe that away.  So I ask, how are you Danielle?  Is everything OK?


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          Cloe, yes I believe everything is well. My wife and I have more meaningful talks about us and where I need to be and where she will not go. I can express who I am at home when she is home or not and this to me was a major step. HRT is something we are discussing a little bit at a time. The accident scared us both to the core. I am recovering, this concussion is more severe than first thought so I sleep quite a bit but no electronics at all so my brain isn’t taxed. I cheat a little and jump online with my friends😁!!! Teehee😘. My heart, soul, and mind want the same thing now, to be me. Since I now am myself around the house I wear a bra daily so now I need to buy more, I wear pretty panties daily so now I need to buy more, I need to buy over the knee socks where I can roll a cuff and still be above the knee. I feel like this has given me an opportunity to look in myself and find who I really and truly want to be. I hope not to lose my wife because I would love a Lesbian wife. Transitioning fully would change my sexual orientation from Hetrosexual to Lesbian. I am not afraid of labels now, life can end in a moment. Live what you have left and be happy. Love to you sister because you are an amazing woman and so wise. Hugs to you sister because you show love and support to us all.


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      Miss Cloé

      Wow, Daniella.  I would agree you had God looking after you.  Glad we still have you with us.

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      Oh Veronica, I thank God for guiding the vehicle because I wasn’t guiding at that moment, just pointing the Rogue a bit off center to the right. But then again I was in a ditch going straight at the telephone pole. My wife told me this evening that I am still suffering from the concussion. I can’t see it but I do feel some sore areas inside my skull on the grey matter. It feels weird, pain pops up on the right then moves to the center top and so on. It doesn’t stay long or get any sharper in pain. I cannot remember when the rear end of the Rogue fell back down. Sir Isaac Newton tells us that it happens but I was not conscious at that point. I don’t remember anything but a nothingness until the EMT was talking to me. I didn’t have time to be scared because I was still trying to steer this 3000 lb machine.

      I totally believe you are right that I need to get back on the horse. I wasn’t scared during. I wasn’t scared after. I haven’t had nightmares. I have had dreams but I am outside and the morning darkness is lit by white light like what we used when we worked on the bombers in SAC, very odd. I see the vehicle hit and then I am inside with the EMT guys there with me. I am not scared nor am I trying to influence the crash as others might. But this is for another day to try and analyze.

      Today I went back to the emergency room because my mid section was rigid and hurt worse than yesterday. So they take blood to test and ensure my kidneys can handle the dye, it took 4 hours for the test to come back and then I went for a CAT scan. Now Thursday they were with posed to have done the same procedure but found nothing. Today they found my tenth rib is fractured and out of joint! Ouch! And we still waited until 4pm to get an IV of fluid into me. The ER was slammed it was busy busy busy. Eventually we grab some dogs, fries, and milk shakes and go home.

      the crash didn’t scare me nor what I am going through now. God must have some plan for me so I am just following what shows up in front of me. Wait……I am scared of something. I am scared of not knowing what will be the right thing to do if I see it in front of me! But I guess faith will guide me. I am sorry for this ramble……it is very late and again I cannot sleep. It hurts so much to cough up stuff from my lungs and my sinuses drip like crazy so I cough and have pain that brings stars to my eyes. Love ❤️ and hugs 🤗




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        Off center to my right so it hits more on the passenger compartment. The responding police officer told us Friday afternoon that I was very lucky to be alive. In all factuality this is what scares me too. Love ya sis!

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      Danielle……..OMG girl! I hope you are ok and the aftereffects of being thrown around are not too bad. Be very carefull for the next few days.  Yes….I have know the surreal mind images that happen in a near death event….all too many times in a war and thru life. It is amazing how everything slows down and you come completely relaxed and unaware of what is going on around you. It is nature/Gods way of protecting you from what is happening to you. Sadly, this is not always the case…especially in a war.

      I pray for a speedy recovery for you. The next time you step into a vehicle…this will return to you……God grant you the ability to put this behind you, to get back up on that horse and carry on. You will find you’ll appreciate life much more and not be concerned over trivialities that make up our lives.

      Love and hugs my sister………I am so happy you are still with us.

      Dame Veronica

      Dame Veronica Graunwolf

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      Thank you Mikayla! It is sobering when you see a mangled vehicle but to know that I was in that vehicle is not just sobering but it feels like someone guided me. I Cannot say anything more on this I am so overwhelmed.


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      OMG   Danielle, hope you are doing well..   It is amazing how fast life can throw a curve ball at you. Sure glad you survived that wreck.  All my best Mikayla

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