Hello, all. I’m new.

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      Hello. So, I’m genderqueer. My name’s Charlie. I haven’t come out to anyone yet but I’m planning on telling my friends after the pandemic. I prefer they/them pronouns. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone reads “after the pandemic” 30 years after it happened? Yup, I’m famous!! Just kidding. Oh, yeah, I like making people laugh. This place seems cool. Also, here’s a random poll.

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      Hi Charlie, welcome so nice to meet you


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      Hey there Charlie! Nice to meet you and people with a sense of humor are great people to know and be around especially during this time.
      Be well and I hope to see more posts from you.

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      Cynthia S

      McDonalds fries are the best(IF they are fresh and the oil is clean)

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      Hi Charlie….welcome to TGH.

      I think the french fries at Burger King are the best…much better that McD’s (sorry Cyn) but I also enjoy a delicious tater tot casserole on occasion.  So many calories with both choices though.

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      Hi Cynthia…I’m Micha

      You got it right….it’s the clean oil

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      Welcome Charlie.

      I had to look up what a tator tot was: we don’t get those in the UK.  Well, at least not in the potato eating circles I am in.   They are similar to croquette potatoes I guess.

      I prefer a decent roast potato myself: crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  Or chips from the bag by the seaside.  French fries come next, with something to dip them in.  Or a nice jacket potato filled with chilli con veggi.

      I am hungry now…


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        Sorry, but chili con veggie is sacrilegious 🤣🤣🤣


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      Hi, Charlie! I love good french fries along with a good fry (dipping) sauce…although right now I’m in the “power phase” of a diet – so NO fries allowed…lol!



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      Liz K

      My first real job was working at a deli/sub shop that served tater tots. We cooked them in a convection oven and they were fantastic. They often sold out.

      I love french fries when they’re properly cooked – crisp on the outside, tender on the inside, and not greasy. Sadly, most restaurants don’t do a good job.

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      Here in Northern Ireland we don’t call them French Fries we refer to them as Chips

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      While I like both of them, I eat more fries than tots as well as fries are everywhere to be bought already cooked and convenient as well as easier to eat while on the road driving, meanwhile tots have to be baked and then eaten and I feel the fries are winning this just because so much easier to acquire ready to eat vs having to cook up the tots from the frozen bag and wait for them and not burn them.

      When I am home and I make like hot dogs and want a side with them I usually bake up some tots and dip them in ketchup and share them with family. Seen others make casserole out of them etc but i just eat them baked as is stand alone with ketchup and my step daughter dips them in ranch as she has ranch on everything including dipping her pizza in that.

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      Dawn J

      Plastic or paper?


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