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    I really don’t know what to write here. So I’m just going to wing it.

    I first came here today The 21st of January 2020 and the reason I came here is to help a friend that identifies as Transgender. Where they live there is no internet or cellphone service, and they came to me for help. They wanted answers and I turned to my sisters on CD Heaven. One them just said “Why don’t you just go to  Trans Heaven. The girls over there can help you better, for the kind of questions your asking?”. And I have been here all day and its now dark out.

    We have been going through everything.  My printer had been working overtime, and we have a small book now. So they can read when they get back home.

    As I am surfing though the site, I myself is learning new stuff myself. Me the bar know it all. I thought me being an CDer for well over 3 decades, thought I knew everything. I’m sitting here trying to look like a pro to my friend, and I’m going “I didn’t know that, that’s how it’s done and just OMG”

    My eyes really opened up today. Not only was I helping a friend in need. I got an education myself and much better understanding of the transgender side of things.

    To tell you the truth girls we are very much alike and different at the time. We have been though similar battles growing up. I read your stories and I felt your pains. My only wish is that I had to time comment on all of them, but I was pressed for time and needed to print a lot before they had to get back to the bus depot and head back for home.

    Now that I have some time before I head off to bed. I’m going to tell you about Hippie. Well Hippie has been dressing for over 3 decades. I went through many stages and battles. Them battles that I speak of, were more within myself. I like to call them battle the 3 stages of acceptance (or vehicles as I sometimes like to call them) and here they are.

    It was my 1st wife leaving me and me realizing that I was indeed a crossdresser. It was like a big load of weights falling off my chest. Furthermore, it was like the guilt and shame were gone.

    That was step one. My beater car stage

    Then the girlfriends I had that encouraged me to me true to myself. This is the step where I learned my style to match my personality and to open up and let people see the real me.

    That was step 2. This was my good use car stage

    Now when I meet this wonderful woman, that became my second wife. Not only understands and supports me. But she goes even farther and offer a support for other women going through the same thing.

    She is my Semi Truck to where I am today.

    She has given me the courage to share my life and stories to the world. Because once I’m gone, my life and stories go with me. That’s when my life experiences don’t have anyone to tell

    So ever since 2016 I have been telling my stories in hopes it may help others and give courageousness to follow them true self and to make sure no one or thing will stand in their way.

    This is Hippie from CDH


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      DeeAnn Hopings

      You know, at the very least you are a very good friend. And it’s a funny thing. Sometimes when we start out to help someone else, we learn more about the World, the people in it and ourselves. Sounds like a Win/Win to me!

      Also, I think MANY here can relate to what you said about coming out, including me. It doesn’t seem to make much difference if it is a personal realization or telling someone else. It’s a piece of the load that you don’t have to carry any longer…

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        You know I already made a few friends on here and some of my friends from CDH. This is the second time I came to a support site, and it felt like home. It is such a warm feeling knowing you have sisters and brothers that shared some or even the same battles you been fighting since you been young.

        I am proud to say Transgender Heaven is my second home away from home. I like to say it doesn’t matter if your Crossdresser, a Transgender or someone that falls between the cracks and is a mix of everything. CDH and TGH can offer help and support, all you have to do is say Hello to get you started.



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          DeeAnn Hopings

          The sad thing is that so many live in isolation and have never met another crossdresser or transgender person. They think that they are the only ones and are carrying the burden by themselves. When they find their way here it is eye-opening.

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