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      I was hoping to make understanding friends. I am not Trans; I am a crossdresser. I thought I might find understanding here which I need in my life now.


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      You may not be aware. We have a sister site: https://crossdresserheaven.com.

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      Welcome, Donnie.  Based on my experience, I believe you will find understanding friends here.

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      Hi Donnie You can find understanding here. Crossdressing is so much fun and exciting. There is a sister site CDH Crossdresser Heaven that has so many more people that have recognized that they are not transgender but just enjoy the art of crossdressing. Good for you for allowing the time for your self. luv Stephanie

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      Hi Donnie X, I hope you do find this site supporting and welcoming. Just joined myself, as a trans person. You may find several stories here from girls who started out as cross-dressers and then sort of migrated over time. Or who were unsure for a very long while who they were, and how to identify, which is true for me for instance.

      Anyway, maybe compare sites and see whose voices and experiences fit you best or help you most. We all need self-understanding and acceptance. Good luck on your life journey x


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      I assume you are asking about new friends?  I answered yes to that.  Friends are where you can find them, I guess.   Everyone here is very nice to and for each other.  We don’t all have to be trans to be a friend for each other.   We’ll support you as best we can but understanding is more about you.  Do you understand yourself…who you are, what you want to be, where you want to go with your dressing?   Many have figured that out on their life’s journey, some never figure it out.   You’ll find friends here to discuss what questions you might have.  Maybe your dressing is a reflection of how you truly feel on the inside.   Wishing you the best as you search for yourself on your journey.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      [postquote quote=62375][/postquote]

      We all start from someplace. MANY who ultimately realized that they are transgender began their gender identity discovery as crossdressers. For some, that’s enough. For others, the journey must continue. There’s no right or wrong here. It has to do with everyone figuring out what their path needs to be…

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      Hey there I to am still new to this website & looking around being curious? trying to see if I really fit-in because I think? I was once were you are?? I think? lol I first started out by being a cross dresser when I was a lot than what I am now. Than I seemed to have stopped that for many years until just 5 years ago than something new was happening? Different types of feelings & next thing I new I really really wanted to experience what it would be like to wear makeup/ wig/ woman’s under garments & clothes &,,,,, go out in public so,,,, here I am now  so take things slow & be sure to Not overwhelm yourself, take care Kara

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        Exactly the same for me…just considered myself a cross dresser. But, on CDH I realized that there was more to Haley than Hal in a dress. I started to dress in real clothes (can’t go out in lingerie unless you are in Key West!), work on my make-up skills, how I present, etc. I realized that Haley is me, she is part of who and what I am.


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      Try the sister site… crossdresser’s heaven! That’s where I started before confirming my choice to fully change.

      Hugs Polly

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      “Donnie was a surfer…..he explored the coast from La Jolla to Leo Carrillo…. And Pismo “


      sorry had to..


      im new here too. Seems ok. Everyone nice so far….

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