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    Bethany Delaney

    I’m Bethany. A long time cross dresser that’s always hidden it. Newly single embracing my female side and the last couple  year’s  or so ive come to realize I’d love nothing more than to be a woman all the time. I’ve thought about ho to truly do it which would be sell my business house etc and a lot of other stuff relocate for a few years fully transition though I’d probably not get bottom surgery but I’d do everything else i could to make me as female as possible and then slowly transition back into my business again as I’m very good at it and hopefully nobody would ever put the 2 together   Thoughts?

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      Lorie Peace


      Hi Bethany, Just thinking out loud, I often wonder if that might be a good avenue for myself. And then I thought about what it would be like to transition in place, with the same business, etc. Now, certainly some of the business and friends will walk away, but the ones that remain will embrace Bethany and all she brings. If you were going to find a new circle of friends and business clients and business colleagues, would you be able to find them where you are now?

      I’m currently shifting my consulting business into diversity & inclusion and when I meet new prospects and networking, I come out to them even though I’m in drab. I haven’t decided to transition, so I’m living the dual life, getting accustomed to presenting as Lorie.

      Hugs, Lorie

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      Alesha Smith


      Hi Bethany, you are in much the same place as me, and i think you had the same path, im thinking about moving altogether and being me

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