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    Hi all , I’m Maddie and want to say that I’ve been a member of the CDH community for quite some time and am looking forward to meeting and chatting with you girls here

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     Cloe (CC) Webb 
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    Welcome aboard Maddie.  Glad to share journeys with you.  I hope TGH is of help to you and that you can help others as well.

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    Hi love 💗💋

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       Madelynne Rene’ Whitman 


      Hi , I’m a New England gal just starting transition and still in that yucky kinda middle ground where some see me as female and some as a male so it’s split kinda 50/50 I don’t wear men’s clothing except for an occasional t shirt . Recently I was stung by a Hornet while doing yard work for some friends and had an allergic reaction the ambulance arrived and the E M T that was  on duty that afternoon thought I was a 50 yr. old female, it wasn’t until we got to the medical center that they found out that I’m a trans girl . ( kinda funny story ) so now I carry an epi pen in my purse or on my person at all times even if I’m just going for a walk

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        Oh hon bee careful😘. I am a new old woman just beginning the big steps. Welcome to heaven sweetheart. Things are new and growing, the girls here are  wonderful   💋💗MariaBella

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           Madelynne Rene’ Whitman 


          I came out to family and friends in August of 2014 but didn’t start natural estrogen therapy until December of last year , It’s taking time but I do see results . In fact I am due to resupply as I’ve been off them for about six weeks . I am a small person with no visible Adams apple so that helps a lot . A little mascara and eyeliner and off we go . Hugs Maddie

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