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      I am a 76 year old trans woman. I have been a crossdresser all my life but only recently came to the conclusion that I am trans. I am seeing a counsellor and for the first time in my life, I have been pouring my heart out to her, spilling so many secrets that I have kept through the years. I sometimes get melancholy about how I denied my true self  all these years.

      Circumstances do not allow me to live as a woman, but I feel feminine 24/7. My sister, who lives out of state, offers support, love and understanding.

      I look forward to taking part in the forums, communicating with other girls nd making friends. Thanks….Laura


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      Laura you are a very pretty lady and here for you if you would like to chat 🙂


      Stephanie Lindsay

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        <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi Stephanie. Thanks for reaching out dear. I would love to chat. Laura</p>

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      Well you know you went through basic grade school in the 50’s and I went through 1 to 6 in the 60’s and I grew up with a strap on the kitchen wall constantly thinking daily about a desire to have , be , a girl – every movie I ever saw with a pretty girl playing a part like in the movie ” Mary Poppins ” in the day was a struggle , my soul new to well ” why ”  – I’m sure my parents talked about me on many occasions having there daily Rum and cokes after the old man came home from running a Shell gas station in Edmonton Alberta – I never felt ” gay ” you’d think I would ? I was hard core ” I want my true gender 1 st ” then work from there , never did get married because of this shit and struggle , just drank and became an alcoholic and always worked with a great secret , I don’t drink anymore , still have some issues but I’m better off then before transitioning and officially started at 60 , surgery in Bangkok at  61 2019 – No regrets I have daily anymore other than I could have gone to a better Surgeon and need revisions this Nov. 2022 – legit Transgender know in there soul , I new all along , you get one life and your gone , be yourself and enjoy your true ” You “

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        DeeAnn Hopings


        Transgender people can have any sexual orientation that cisgender have. In the sexual sense, some trans women are attracted to men, some to women, some to both and some to neither. It is just how it is…

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      You found us! Very Good!

      I often make a point to new members that many here have worked with therapists and found the experiences very helpful. I think one of the most important things is that many have not had the opportunity to talk about their innermost feelings to another person. Being able to do so makes a big difference and works to unburden ourselves.

      By the way, I have a bit of a connection to Morristown. I retired from Corning, Inc. close to 7 years ago. On occasion I took the company shuttle flight from Corning, NY to go to the NYC area. The plane didn’t fly into NYC, to landed at Morristown.

      I encourage you to complete your Profile page as it helps others to understand you and your situation better. You can update it at any time.

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      if you want C D I on meet up has a small group of 50 to 80 year old crossdressers who meet on meetup on wed .we also have a clubhouse in NY .free  on zoom club house you can check. Good people ,interesting talk

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      Hi Laura , it’s never too late to live your truth

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