HYPOTHETICAL: Would you trade your sex identity with a cis?


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      Z Bella

      This is just an interesting hypothetical. Trans people don’t deserve to have the wrong body anymore than cis people do. It’s hard to give someone else a plight that they didn’t ask for, but at the same time you didn’t deserve being born in the wrong body. You could have the ideal body you feel you should have been born with. Maybe you can’t justify it morally, but it’s still a tempting offer. Do you do it?

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      Given the right circumstances I would in a heartbeat 💗! Those circumstances would be never meeting my wife❤️💕💕!

      Danielle 💋👠👗

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        Wow! This didn’t even sound right! I sound like a lunatic and unhappily married which couldn’t be further from the truth. Well at least the unhappily married part. As I remark a bit further up in the post I would search out a transgender male and arrange a swap so we both get what we would want. The catch or reason I would not do this would be I love my wife too much to lose her so this is not an option for me but very intriguing question.
        Danielle 💋👠👗

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          I recall giving my therapist a similar response to do you wish you’d transition sooner..yes but I’d want nothing to take away my 22 year marriage, so no if it woukd have endangered that. I’d sacrifice to have her. especially now that she’s passed. hug your partners extra friends.


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      I would never impose the agony, pain and a life of confusion on any one. No one deserves it.  Luv Stephanie

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        Hi. Exactly what I’ve been feeling all my life. The pain of never getting a girlfriend, because I was a girl in a boys body (and it took me 50 years to find that out).

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      I Know this choice is selfish of me. But how do we know that the CIS female isn’t in reality a transgender male? As an addendum to my answer I would swap with a transgender male. While I know that is not the question, the reality of my answer under the influence of sleeping medications is not humane. So I would search out a transgender male and come to an agreement. I am sure he wants this as badly as I do.

      Danielle 💋👠👗

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      Assuming this CIS person was enlightened and willing to take on life changing adventures I would have said yes in the past.  Desperately I would have.
      But an emphatic NO is my answer.
      Now that I’m living full time as my true self and going through my own adventure and some serious trials one might think even more so a yes answer would be better.  Maybe I’ve picked up that need for the challenge of a lifetime to go along with the simple/complex overwhelming need to be me.  Like many who have undertaken harrowing challenges like climbing Mt Everest, there are those who encourage me.  Yet there are many more who look at me with the eye of “go ahead, I’m not participating in this train wreck” and simply walk away for myriad reasons.  There are even the few who aggressively insist I live life their way – no more.
      Living life on my terms with free will, no longer caged by fear, yet still having so much to learn about myself.

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        You have voiced my own feelings Cloe. My situation at the moment is difficult apart from the transitioning (which strangely enough motivates me) so that a few years ago I would have collapsed in a heap, but now I feel determined and confident enough to battle it out.

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      Hello, not sure if I read the question correctly so I reread it a few times. If you mean would I change places with a cis person be it male or female, and they would assume my transgender gender.  The answer is a flat no.  I would not wish it on my enemy and certainly not an innocent or loved one.😔


      If you mean by the question that I could magically be a cis male or female from birth and no one else gets harmed. Then absolutely sign me up.  But at present I would prefer female, please. 😉

      However the question does not actually ask about gender it seems to ask about sex.  Almost as if it was the asker was trading sex for ??? Sex?  I do this with my spouse but not anyone else. And trading sexual preferences I would not as it really does not bother me.  However I am sure I am just being an word lawyer so refer to my other two answers.  😉




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      I desperately want to be a woman but trading places would not be the way for me. I do recall as a 7 year old wishing I could wake up as a girl. Conversely I do enjoy being me so if the opportunity arises I would have the op. For now I will continue with the hormones and dream.

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      I think the best option would be if some of us trans women could do a trade with trans men. Win/Win for everyone.

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        I love the idea of trading with a transman. The perfect scenerio. Two people becoming whole as you said it’s a win win luv Stephanie ❤️

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      From my current position, being a transgender female I would love to have been born a female and I would change places with a cis female if no harm to someone else. The problem with this scenario is that I wouldn’t know this if I wasn’t transgender. I love who I am and I’ll make the best of this fulfilling experience. I’m special and if I was born female I would still have to work to be special. And the things you learn about being female are priceless, owe to the wonderful beauty of the feminine. I’m obsessed what can I say. Much love .

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      After reading your post a second and third time. I love this question. It sent me into a whirlwind of thought. I read the responses and I learned the pain, the self shaming, the anxiety of just   not knowing what is wrong with us. We would not want any one to suffer as much as we did.and still do in my case. I am so happy I belong to a group of people who’s morality comes first. Now having said that if I could wake up one morning and have the body I am suppose to have or should I say want to have and it came from a cis woman who woke up with my body and she knew she was a woman before she went to sleep. My concearn is she would figure out what happened and would track me down and toture me for the rest of my pretty, cute and gorgeous new life. But I know I could help her understand what a gift I gave her. The possibilities are endless . I love this ❤️ question it got me through the day thank you Luv Stephanie

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      The title should have been Gender Identity and not Sex Identity…

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      I don’t like hypothetical questions, it’s not reality!!

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      This was about the physical body not gender.

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      My knee jerk reaction was YES! EMPHATICALLY! INSTANTLY! but then I stop to think and I must change my answer to no.

      Justify it says.

      1) in my experience it seems many cis-women (note many, not all) do not deeply appreciate their feminity or the awesome power they wield when they properly work their feminity. Is it just me, or do we trans-women truly appreciate our womanhood in a way cis woman don’t or perhaps csn’t? To just switch sexes with a cis woman and find my womanhood a mediocre thing at best is not a mediocrity that I am willing or desire to embrace.

      2) at times I have thought, “why couldn’t I have been born as one of my sister’s?” (I have three) Then I step back and look at their lives. Would I want to be were they are today in their lives? No. But had I been born a girl in our family, reared by the same mom they were, the possibilities are very strong I would be just like them. My love of womanhood is because I am trans. Had I been nurtured in the same environment as my sisters that love of womanhood would be so missing. I like the woman I am as I am.

      3) Have you ever noticed how many cis women are not nearly as happy with their womanhood as we fantasize what being a woman would be like. I’ve noticed a lot of wearied, pained, discontented, less-than-truly-happy cis women. Because I am just your average person, if I were cis what makes me think I wouldn’t be like the average cis woman I know. I probably wouldn’t be any different as I navigate the routine of life.

      No, I am OK with being a trans woman. I truly value the perspective of womanhood that I have been given. Should I ever finally make the choice to live my womanhood full time I will be able to take this perspective, developed over the years of deciding what kind of woman I would be, into my transition. With that solid foundation I would then become the woman, estatic to finally embrace full time womanhood. that I have always known myself to be.

      Magically changing sex may the easy way, but I have found in life that anything worth having is worth working hard for.



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      Would I trade being me with a lifetime of shame and self loathing for someone with a matching brain and body.


      Would I care if it was male or female.

      No, as long as they matched and I didn’t have to feel this way.

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      If you mean to ask whether I would trade identity with another person who also wanted to change theirs to mine…in a NY minute!!!  As I am older, the transition is more difficult physically and emotionally exhausting.  The magical change would allow me to concentrate on the emotional and psychological side of things.  Changing means a whole lot of my past life is being “erased” in some ways, and certain parts hang over everything like a dark cloud.  Eliminating the pain, stress, and financial strain of the physical transition would be priceless.

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      I am not going to overthink this one. Yes, absolutely I would. I could skip over the expense of surgery, injections and pills, and get to where I want to be, which is a woman in every way. And I am happily married, and my wife is totally on board with me transitioning. Now if my health will allow me to…

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      If the question can be interpreted as “Do you wish you were born biologically female?” then, yes.

      If a genie grants me a wish, I would choose to be a cis woman.





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      Michelle Lawson

      IN A FEMTOSECOND…… (A <b>femtosecond</b> is the SI unit of time equal to 10<sup>-15</sup> or ​<span class=”frac nowrap”><sup>1</sup>⁄<sub>1 000 000 000 000 000</sub></span> of a second; that is, one quadrillionth, or one millionth of one billionth, of a second.)

      So yes, DO IT NOQ! Please, I beg you…… Hugs, Michelle

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      I agree with Beth Parker. It would have saved a lot of troubles for me, and possibly many others. Lots of time and money could have been saved. But thankfully, we have the transgender journey to appreciate for all it’s perils and victories.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I voted no as it wouldn’t change anything for me. As a transgender and non-binary person, I have never felt that I was in the wrong body. That’s how it sits for me. However, what took me many decades to realize that I have always been this amalgam of male and female energies, sensibilities and perspectives. While I essentially physically express my female side, that does not indicate any change in my thinking from an historical viewpoint. I still have the same likes and dislikes, interests and activities, only with things added such as shopping for clothes, jewelry and shoes and building a network of female friends.

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      Very interesting topic. My 1st response like some of you was YES, that was my dream, But now that I am living full time as a girl I think some of you might be right that I appreciate it more than some born female. I am also begining to realize that being a girl isn’t all fun and roses even though I am much happier since my transition because the real me is out. On the other hand, I would not have gone through all the transition stuff if I had been born female. Right now I am wanting to take the final jump to surgery. I want to have a bf, husband and maybe adopt so I can be a mom. At least that is what I hope for. So it would be a lot easier if I was born female to not need the surgery and could have a husband and become a mom.

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      This question kinda confuses me; is it asking if I would rather have been born biologically and mentally as a specific gender or is it asking if I would have rather been born with a gender that matches me biologically?

      For me, I would rather be a cisgendered woman than a transgendered man. I hate being trans-anything. I just want to be a “normal” woman and human being. I feel like such a freak of nature.


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        I completely agree. I can’t count the times I have wished I suddenly wake up one morning as a cicwoman. Or just being a ciswoman.
        A lot of bad things in my life wouldn’t have happened if I were born a cicwoman. Girlfriends for example, I haven’t had a serious relationship in my entire life. I know now that the women “reads” me as a female without knowing why. I didn’t know that until I came out at my job and dare asking the girls why they all said “I am not surprised” when I came out.Not a single person I have come out to has been surprised. So it’s rather obvious, I behave like a woman in a man’s body, and that explains most of what has happened in my life. To make it more complicated I am mtf transgender that likes girls.
        So definitely born as a ciswoman😀

        Marry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄🎄 and a Lot of Hugs

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      I have always felt like I was shipped in the wrong container and feel that if it were different from the start I would not have as much depression issues as I do now.

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      Would I be willing to trayed yes but now not before. I realize I’ve dressed as a female since I was very young and have kept it hidden until now. But I can’t undo some of the major accomplishments I’ve achieve. Yes I wish I was a born a female and I would trade with some that has already gone through the surgery in a heart beat. I’ve been seeing councilor a lot . I don’t know how to come out with how I feel.

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      Definitely born as a ciswoman.

      Positive reasons to start life as a ciswoman: I would not have been sent to conversion therapy when I was 5 years old and lost a year of my life. I would not have spent 60 years of my life not fitting in with male or female groups. I would not have spent the 20 years before I came out depressed with frequent thoughts of hurting myself. I would have had a female size body and not male size. I would have been able to have my own babies to birth and nurture. I would have had a husband/partner place a wedding ring on my finger. I would not have had to deal with gender dysphoria.

      Negative reasons to start life as a ciswoman:  Waiting over 60 years to start my transition has given me more appreciation of being female.

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      Cassie Grey

      I voted no for the reason- people aren’t looking at the question.

      To trade- You get mine, I get yours.

      If a female in my case was interested and willing to become male the anwser would be YES. I would trade with her in a heartbeat.

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      I feel like ive taught myself to have a masculine persona and thats what (most) people see me as, so for the sake of loved ones I would stay as me. But really I would love to be a cis woman, if only to stop trying to ignore the female departments in shops! But god if I could get rid of this shame and anguish. I wish I had faith to help me but I feel gods cant be very kind gods to put people through this. Change my body to female lord, please!…..nope, hasnt happend! Hugs n kissess to you all, nicola x

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      Megan Reeley

      This came up in conversation once , the daughter of a friend made that offer. Unfortunately, it’s not possible in reality, as we would both have been hauler. To be clear, we discussed trading bodies only, not personality, or identity.

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        Cassie Grey

        Oh yes the magical body swap spell. I think we all may have wished we’d find one of those.

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      I had thought about this back in school. I would look at a really nice looking girl that had everything going for her, and wish I could just trade places with her.

      Sadly, that would mean her life would be cursed to go through all the crap I have. I never would have learned many of the skills I have, and (instead) would have learned different ones.

      Another difference: instead of never having kids, I would likely be a grandmother spoiling my grandkids now.

      But, you would really have to feel sorry for the girl who switched bodies with me.

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        Who cares about the girl Sarah!!! She’s got the body! We are going to get the body!!!

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      Oh yes, in a heartbeat I would switch, don’t get me wrong I am happy with me after all these years but I  I still have a very long road and I’m not a little (girl )anymore, I have prayed many times to wake up to be a girl/women, yes bring on the spell…..


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      I hesitantly voted “yes”, but only if the cis woman was willing and capable of coping with, what would be most likely, a trans-woman life.  It seems very morally dubious outside of having mutually strong reasons for the swap, though. Otherwise, if it were a lop-sided desire, I would vote “no” because I would feel I cheated someone out of their womanhood.

      If it were possible with a cis woman, then why couldn’t it happen with a yet-to-transition trans-man?  That would be most ideal and mutually beneficial, rather than one-sided.  I would take that in a heartbeat.
      While we’re on that, someone want to take a beard for a smooth face?  My facial hair can grow fast in a week and would make some trans-man very happy, I think. 😉

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      [postquote quote=35559]
      No, because I needed to live my life and learn my battles. Being magically transformed does not change your mind, your fears, your strengths, your weaknesses. You have to change with your body and mind as one.

      So I would never do it, I would never be me If I ever did go for the magical change. It all part of growing and living life.


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        Nicely put. My journey has made me who I am, and I like that person.  Whatever body I’m in self acceptance has to be paramount.  So yes… it would be incredibly difficult to not experience being in a female body for even a day, but I am the sum of all my experiences, and to do that would be a Faustian bargain for sure:  as a wish so easily granted always comes with a price. Is it a price I’m willing to pay?  So tempting!

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      I voted yes. It would be ideal to find a cis that wanted to trade because they wanted to be opposite also.

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      In a minute. Yes I would look for a fair exchange. It would make me very happy. Hopefully somewhere around 25 would be a good exchange point. Since it’s a wish. ❤️💋❤️❤️

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      yes i do! a beautiful, vivacious woman. A great mother and housewife. That would be bliss

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        Housewife, yes!  Is it retrograde to say I would love to be this…?


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      I said no unless it was what they wanted, now if it was trade with another trans person I would in a heartbeat I mean to say there was a FtM who wanted to trade I would be with it.

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      While I wouldn’t want to be malicious, and strand another person in a body they didn’t want… If that option was in front of me… It would be INCREDIBLY hard to resist finding my absolute ideal body. Ideally I’d do a fair trade straight across with someone who was looking for the opposite as me; a cis woman seeking FtM. With that on the table? I would not be able to do it fast enough!

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      I always wanted to be a girl.  A girl, an honest to goodness girl, with all the girl things to do, all the girl things to learn, and all the boys to flirt with.

      I never wanted to be a boy.  So now I am a transgender-woman, and I am a woman now.

      I didn’t fantasize being a transgender-girl, I fantasized being a girl.

      I would trade in a blink to be a cis-girl, and I would want this miracle to have happened 68 years ago.

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      [postquote quote=101612]
      Now that would be my dream come true

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      Love the question and thought but OMG are you kidding! Clothes, makeup, jewelry, fragrance and slow dancing! Beam me up Scotty… francie

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        In a second…to go through life as a woman and experience life in that way would be absolutely amazing.  I would also like to experience live and relationships as a woman.   Finally,  to be able to dress as woman and enjoy the amazing fashion choices would be incredible.

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      Bobbie W

      [postquote quote=35559]

      ok this might sound bad but. Yes I would but I would like to do it as a preteen or early teen so I could experience every aspect of being a women including all the bad.

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      Absolutely, without a doubt! Especially if the person I was trading with desired the switch too.

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        I think the way it is phrased, the other person is not consenting

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      Diana W

      I would do it in a heartbeat.

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      I am a FTM, and no, I would not trade my sex identify for another.   Now over 75, though life at times has been difficult and opportunities lost, I would not have had the experiences nor met the people I have known.  I am perfectly happy with who I am and always have been.

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      What about a genetically re engineered female c!one of yourself?

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        does the clone have consciousness? If so, that’s just a genetically similar cis person, aka my sister… I would not kill my sister and wear her skin…..

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          Elli Snow

          I missed this comment before.  No, I don’t think I could change with a fully developed clone, but I have great hopes that they medical folks will soon be able to clone the necessary body parts necessary for a proper gender change.  They’re already cloning livers and hearts in the labs, so they should be able to someday take my genes and clone me a real vagina, uterus and clitoris.  I imagine they would get the process started and implant everything so it could complete growing inside me.  Hopefully they could make it age appropriate, as I don’t think I want to deal with menses when I’m in my 80s.


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      I wanted to say yes..puberty..1st period..lol, period..period…pregnancy and childbirth. Wow. My dream come true. Had you said I could trade with a f2m Trans, YESSS!! But I could not give my life to another undeserving person. My life has been amazingly cruel and heartbreaking. No way would I give that to someone else. But thanks for this. It was very interesting and it made me think a lot. 💋


      💕 – Jessica

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      I’ll echo another comment here to swap with a ftm transperson. That way two people can have the life they want rather than just me.

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      Oh how many times did I dream of that option from very young thru puberty and adult life. But I have to say that the option is no. Now that I am exploring this new journey and all of its joy’s and pains. I have also started to study my past and the experiences gained. I now slowly grasp that I am, the sum total of all I have been through. If I remove things or all of it, than who am I?? I’m beginning to thank that past and the male me that got me thru that time. Shiloh

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      CJ P

      I voted yes first, but then changed to no because my dysphoria is such a huge part of my psyche I don’t even know who I’d be without it. I have gone through a lot of pain and misery, starting from early childhood and a part of me would do ANYTHING to have skipped all of it, still it taught me to read people, to be compassionate and to reflect on what I do before I do it. I’m not saying I’m the only person who has these qualities, but I wonder if I’d still have them without my life experience. So theoretically yes, but if it came down to actually flipping the switch…I’m not really so sure. Great question though.

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      I wanted to vote yes but then I thought of my response to an article I just got done reading a few minutes ago on here and realized where life would have been better if I was born cis female, I would not be as strong or perfect a woman as I am today because of the hardships I’ve been through, but being born a hermaphrodite technically disqualifies me from this poll because where I look like a man I have always been biologically a female as well making me cis-gender neutral. If I was born looking like a woman I would worry about being conceded or vain or shallow and superficial as most cis women tend to be now days and that goes against who I am as a person most likely because of all I have been through which keeps me humble and willing good fortune and happiness on everyone from the bottom of my heart and with my entire being.

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      No no no, Dumping my problems on someone else with out them getting all the years of emotional cooping would be pure evil. I would how ever switch bodies with a gender dysphoric female in a heart beat.

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      Only if they’re between 18 and 21 years of age.

      I said NO. I like who I am. No… I LOVE who I am! I’ve been on this journey all my life warts and all and I ain’t giving it to up to anyone.

      Besides, I’m now retired and the thought of going back to work scares the daylights out of me!

      Barb :)

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      Sarah Fox

      I almost answered Yes. Fortunately, my Anti-Idiot protocol kicked in and reminded me that the question was “Would you trade your sex identity with a CIS?” Not “Would you trade your sex identity with an FTM?” So, I answered NO. While there are a good many CIS gendered women who richly deserve to have this forced on them, making that choice would be an undeniable act of evil. And having made that choice, I would instantly become deserving of every horrible thing that has befallen me in my life. So again, I say, my answer is NO. I may not be a very good woman, but I will not be any more evil than I can help.

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        Jan Janet



        denoting or relating to a molecular structure in which two particular atoms or groups lie on the same side of a given plane in the molecule, in particular denoting an isomer in which substituents at opposite ends of a carbon–carbon double bond are on the same side of the bond.

        “the cis isomer of stilbene”
        Well, I’m at a loss but if I could switch with a girl who wanted to be a guy, in a fair trade and we agree, then I would say, yes.

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      The question doesn’t purport to foist a negative onto the person we’d be changing to. If It did I’d vote no as I have no right to change another’s existence in any way; without permission.

      If I had their permission then heck yes, absolutely. Alacadabra I’d suddenly be a cis woman. I wouldn’t even have to think about it.

      I’m also assuming I get to keep what is ‘me’; my personality. I don’t want a female body if I have to totally become someone else. If y’all run across anyone who wishes to trade be sure and let me know. LOL


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      I said yes. Ii did so mainly because life would have been so much less complicated. I can’t change the fact that I am trans and love being me (when I can) and I can’t change the fact that I grew up entirely in a masculine world (except for my private times). Since I have realized that I am trans (just two years ago… and I am 76) I have realized that my gender identity really ruined my marriage. I feel like I cheated and disappointed my wife who died three years ago. I will probably ever get over the fact that I should not have ever married….. that I was not a real man. That bothers me. yet I enjoy being me and love being feminine. I find myself in a  true “conundrum” (with proper respects to Jan Morris).

      • #134187

        I really identity and sympathize with your situation. I, too, am an old geezer (75), happily married, but worried that my gender feelings will upset my marriage. But unlike you, I enjoy the marriage part of being male. At least for the moment, my life is very happy, so I voted ‘no’ on the cis question. In addition, I don’t like the macho, aggressive, power-hungry maleness and prefer the softer, gentler side of my personality.

    • #135294

      Of all the females that have looked at me and said “I wish I were tall like you”…If any truly wanted to swap their stunning female bodies with a 6’8” giant of unusual health and masculinity…YES, in a heartbeat.

      Not one human on planet earth would ever think I could even remotely pass as my desired sex, so yes, a thousand times yes.

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        I’m FTM so, if it were possible I would gladly swap bodies! Then we could both live our authentic lives!

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        Elli Snow

        I deal with a similar problem.  Not height but width.  My should span is a couple inches wider than the average male my age and about 4 inches wider then women my age.  Makes buying clothes very difficult because I wear a size 8 or 10 bottoms, medium, and anywhere from Large to XXL tops depending on the brand.

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      Absolutely. Even for just one day in my life, I would love to experience what it would be like to not think about gender, just one day.

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        Let me be more precise here, I would not trade per-say, but rather become for a day or lifetime…I would not wish this gift I have on my worst enemy. Being who I am is for all intense purposes, exhausting mentally and physically.

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      Elli Snow

      I answered yes, but only if I could do it from the start, at puberty, so I would grow up and learn with a bunch of girlfriends going through the same experiences. I am sometimes jealous that I won’t ever have the experience of learning about things like makeup with friends and missing things like staying up all night giggling and playing at sleepovers.

      • #139065

        My thoughts exactly how I would like to g through those Wonder Years

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          Elli Snow

          I think that is what I’d wish for even now.  A group of friends to share the experience and learning with.  I know 7 people in this area, 5 of them are a family, and the oldest girl in the family is transgender who transitioned a couple decades ago.  The other two people are friends of Jill, the trans girl.  I feel very along and often lost.

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      I would love to be cis woman instead of transgender…

      but would I make another enduré being transgender so I could be cis? à much toucher question, as I’d wish transgender on nobody…yes we get time in both genders but it ..the transition is painful n awkward n lonely as family n friends run away..not sure I could make another go through this for my comfort..maybe God gave me the burden knowing I could handle it?

      à man  i  respected volunteered to serve n went to Vietnam..in part so somebody else’s son would not have to go..I respect that..maybe God made me transgender so someone else would not be?


      missy jo

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        Elli Snow

        I agree I would much rather be cis instead of transgender,  but I often wonder about it from a cultural level.  Many of the Native American tribes referred to transgender people as two spirit people, and they had a special honor among their people.  How different would it be for all of us if our society accepted us and did everything possible to help avoid the pain and awkwardness and uncertainty and there was no downside?


    • #139506

      Absolutely, why would anyone want to be trans? I hate myself more than the haters.

      I’m a woman. I can never be a cis woman. If I was a cis woman I wouldn’t want to be anything else.

    • #140898

      I answered yes to the poll, as long as the other person is willing and agrees to change bodies/sex with me then I would totally change! But not without discussing it with them first as that would be a very jarring and shocking experience.

    • #141471

      Absolutely! I would love to be a CIS female with everything that includes. I wish I could trade bodies with a FTM CIS female. This way two people who are willing donors would get what they want so badly.

    • #141971
      Alexis Wassermann

      I look at it this way ,

      I have been blessed to live life as both genders . Not willing to lose those experiences , the knowledge I gained about myself and others is would have never excited


    • #116862

      This exactly! If a MtF trans person could do this with a FtM trans person, then both sides will be happy! Why take from a cis person and potentially make them suffer?

    • #135289

      I would love to swap with a cis woman, but I wouldn’t want her to suffer the gender dysphoria I’ve been crippled with my whole life. Now I’m in transition, and I do feel so much better, estrogen is a wonderful hormone!

    • #141965
      Elli Snow

      Yes, if it was possible to trade with an FtM person, I would do so in a heartbeat.  That way we would both get what we desired.  The only problem would be that whoever got this body would also get some very bad genetic mental issues that took me a decade to learn to deal with after I learned about them when I was 39.  Those I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

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