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      bobbi lewis

      I am transgender, MTF and I am happy that I have accepted who I am and doing my best make my life better….

      Yes you are! I love your name!

      Jasmine, I am bobbi and i am transgender male to female. Im trying to make my life better. I feel like the chains that have bound me are starting to break away!

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        That’s good to hear, so I believe your Declaring you are Transgender?

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      I Declare:

      That life is what we make it and it can be so beautiful for everyone if they can open their heart and mind to the posibility that they can acheive that.

      “To suceed we first need to belive than we can.”

      “If you keep doing the same things in life you will kkeep getting the same results”

      Love and hugs to you all

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      I declare , that being more fem than male i am happiest ever . Enjoy it girls , its a passion we can’t resist , nor would we .  Leslie

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      I declare that I am a woman of the trans variety, over the hill, young at heart and in mind, friendly until one wrongs me, pansexual (into all genders), a believer in the facts that there are many more than two genders and always have been, a Gender and Sexual Minorities (GSM) Part-time Activist, a Concerned Minnesotan and American Citizen, a free thinker, polyfidelitous in an open marriage with my nesting partner, looking for a couple of loving male partners, an intellectual, well read, a lively debater when given time to research, mid century modern addict, a lover of most skirts and dresses, a snowboarder, an indie music concert junkie, a Vespa rider, total excellent driver and love doing it, Queen of any Monopoly board and…I love playing with LEGOS.

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      I declare that I like girls and also is girls!

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      Miss Cloé

      I declare this old saying fixed.

      He helps those who help themselves.

      Well… She helps everybody!!!!

      Unfortunately, that is a quote that does not exist in the Bible and is a good reason many are missing the mark they try to achieve.

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      I, Vicki Rogers, declare that I feel happier and I like who I am when I’m being ME and not trying to live that other life.

      I declare that, until I can figure more things out, I’m only going to be able to openly live as myself in guarded times, but I will almost always FEEL like myself even when I’m living life that other way.


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      Danielle Fox

      I Danielle Rose Fox declare that I am and have always been a female in a male body. I am a transgender female and proud that I am female. Through a twist of life or fate I was born a male but have found my female self in my mind, heart, and soul. I will always be appreciative of what and where I have been because I would not be me without my experiences, loves, and losses. I will love others as I love myself and promise to never degrade or put down another human being as long as I shall live. I declare that I will help those whom I can to the best of my ability. I will rebuild long lost bridges if allowed. I will be honest and true to myself and others. I am so happy to have found CDH and TGH and all of the members therein who have been a blessing in my search of self. I am proud to call of you friend. With love ❤️ and many hugs 🤗


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        Terri Anne


        I am proud to call you my friend.

        -Terri Anne

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      I Declare…….wow….that sounds so final, doesn’t it.  What can one “Declare” and have it that way forever. We all know that the universe never stays the same, it is always in a state of flux.

      We humans, like it or not, are also always in a state of flux….nothing is permanent, except for the fact….we will all die. Fact….Declaration. The rest…well…is subject to change. As for me….I quote Popeye the Sailor…..” I yam what I yam, and that’s all that I yam”!

      I DECLARE……I am Dame Veronica Graunwolf……..a warrior, a giver/saviour of life, a taker of life, a teacher, a student, a wise person, an idiot, a kind person, a savage person but above all else, I am a human being in a constant state of flux as one with the Universe.


      Dame Veronica Graunwolf

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      Miss Cloé

      I was just sitting here reflecting how I really am getting to immerse myself in the feminine this week without the daily grind.  So far I think it really is helping with the transition of my mind.

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      Hi Jasmine……….hope you are well and happy. Not much new with me…..off to hospital for more “engine work” to-day. Be back next week, we hope LOL. No painted toe nails to-day, can’t use the same excuse as last time, Ha ha. Do take care….more power to all of us!


      Dame Veronica

      Dame Veronica Graunwolf

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