i do not fit in any category at all….but related to being transgender

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      my souls is that of a hermaphrodite i am fully male and fully female……i have a male body this time around so to express this gender i usually ware fake breasts……it seems everyone wants me to chose between male and female but i am both….my personal friends find me very atractive when i dress up…….i ges the term is gender nonconforming but i do have gender disforia partally as in i want the top of a female…..

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      darling I think you are what we all are..a person with feelings, who is entitled to respect love exactly how you are.

      I just watched a special on interested people n most resented the choice forced on them when they were young n many said they would have wanted to live as they were born  with ambiguous genitalia n traits from both M n F.  so congratulations on deciding what you’d like n how you enjoy presenting.

      we are all still here for you n support n hug you.

      welcome n good luck dear


      missy jo

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      Hello. My name is Alex and I think I can relate to you. I also feel both genders like 24/7 and never did changed I looked it up and it gave me my answers. I’m bigender which is part of the non-binary spectrum. So maybe you’re like me and your bigender as well. To be honest I didn’t mind my bottom part (afab) but I always had an issue with my top. So long story short you may or may not be bigender.

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      I want the top of a female too, bottom also.  😉

      When I was young, before I knew about transgendered people, I too identified myself as hermaphrodite.  I never had all the equipment of both sexes; but it’s a nice dream.

      Good luck,

      A. Marie

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