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      I just spoke to my counselor and she REALLY surprised me. When I first got here, I felt like she was dismissing me, like she didn’t want to be a counselor, or at least not MY counselor, and I REALLY didn’t like her. We have been talking and getting closer every day. I found out that she has a wife, not a husband, and she understands some of what I’m going through. She told me she wanted to be able to help me so I took a chance and let her all the way in. I realize that it wasn’t HER…it was ME.. And I was trying my hardest to make it be her fault and to not like her. But I had no idea that’s what I was doing. I hate that. I don’t want to behave like that. Yesterday she told me she was going to talk to the lady that runs this place..another really wonderful woman…and try to get some things done for me. All I wanted was to move somewhere I could have a little more alone time and quiet..meditation, hypnosis, yoga, butt exercise…you know, girl stuff. When I went back to see her, she had arranged for me to move, yes…but completely out of here, to a single apartment, on the women’s side.. She said they wanted to protect me from things that might hurt me, physically, mentally, and emotionally.. They wanted me to be able to dress like I want, to have my meetings with women, who’s emotions would more closely match my own… The director’s son is a FTM…I didn’t know that either. He is coming here today to talk to me. I broke down and cried like a baby right in the office, I was so happy. Anyway..I will be back to let you all know how it went. Thanks for listening. 💋


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      Michelle Lawson

      Jessica, that is wonderful. For me, so many times I have found that my fears and anxiety were misplaced. Why, because it is easier to try and put that shoe on someone or something else. And when we find out it is us, we are so relieved. So maybe our putting the fear and anxiety elsewhere is just a form of a temporary placeholder… Who knows, so long as in the end, we all improve our lives. And grow to be who we need, and should, be. Hugs, Michelle

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      Hi Jess, I am so happy for you! You should get sooo much more support in the women’s meetings. I’m sure they will be accepting of you.

      It sounds like you are on your way forward with a lot of things falling into place! This is such great, great news!!



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        Thank you Brie. I am..VERY happy. I move in the morning.. Lol, everything is already packed up and ready to go. I hope I don’t give the wrong impression..I don’t mean it as anything malicious having all this amazing stuff happening all the time. It’s just I’m not used to getting anything I want. And right now ppl are so nice to me. I don’t have anyone else to share it with right now, and you all are my closest friends anyway. So everyone, please know I’m just happy. 💋

        💕 – Jessi

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