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      I look lingerie my size constantly. I dress up a a woman in my apartment. I am ready to learn how to use make up . Tommorow on my way back from Open door I am going to a walk-in mental health clinic for help with my gender dysforia. I realize this is just my begining. Always I feel that I have and am making so first steps.

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      Good for you ! – be your real self – once you get honest with your self things fall into place – don’t forget female is actually the default gender anyways whether your born with male or female appendages to start with – the medical world is now starting to put at birth ” assigned gender ” instead of girl or boy – it’s not a dirty thing to be female – the mind runs the body – a windows 10 Bill Gates programming does not work at all with a Steve Jobs apple platform – I’m old Trans and love being a girl and all switched over surgery wise and all documents – be cool and happy – f##k the standard social system and brain washed thinking – XO – Krystal

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      Thank you Krystal Gravens. Please tell all about your journey?







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      there is no typical or atypical journey… we all find ourselves in our own ways and in our own time.  and while I always knew that I was different, it took a long time (not saying how long as I do not want to age myself) for me to figure it out…

      Good luck on your journey, Gerimina.  It is not easy… there are numerous pitfalls and roadblocks… some are self-inflicted (a good therapist will help here) and some are societal (supportive friends and family help here).


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      DeeAnn Hopings


      There is a saying:

      The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

      The idea behind the saying acknowledges the importance of the first step. We can never go anywhere, be anything or start anything until that first step happens. So, the fact that you have taken this first step is VERY significant. Anyway, since you have found us, I hope that you will enjoy being here and that it will be helpful for you.

      As was mentioned, there isn’t a set or particular journey for trans people. While there are similarities, the vast majority of experiences are different in events, the magnitude of events or the impact of events upon us.

      How we come to the realization that we are transgender happens in many ways. For some it is dressing up for Halloween. For some it is trying on a garment belonging to a female family member. For some it is seeing a woman that you want to emulate. For some it is the realization that you relate more to a feminine perspective than a masculine one and there are many others. Perhaps the only common thread is realizing early in life that there is something different about you. You may not be able to vocalize it or understand it, but you know that there is something different about you compared to your peers.

      Anyway, I encourage you to complete your Profile page. It really helps other members understand you and your situation better. Also, your Profile page can be updated at any time if something changes.

      If you would like to search for other members in your area, click on Social in the menu and then Member Directory.

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        Thank You . I was not able to recognize myself as a I am until. I let my real trapped inside of me out.

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      Hi Gerimina

      Are you becoming a woman or are you realising that you have always been one?

      I don’t think there is a typical journey outside of TG Fiction and generalities. My journey was realisation – suppression – repeat several times – break down – accept that things needed to change – want to make the changes. I think many who share their stories follow a similar course.

      If unsure then make reversible changes first, if it feels right go further; start growing your hair out, develop a female voice, lose weight and address any other health issues, ditch the male underwear, get your eyebrows reshaped, sit for the toilet even if it means waiting, dial down the assertiveness and say ‘I don’t know’ sometimes even if you do and smile more, paint your toenails, learn make-up, take a hard look at your situation – are there things you do or own that are just props for the man-act – if so decide what you’ll do with them.

      Somewhere in there you’ll realise that you like what’s happening and want to go further and do more. when that happens tell somebody and see a gender clinic. Then it’ll start to get really good.

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      Toni Floria

      Hang in there girl your in for a long journey don’t let the negative thoughts overwhelm your  true feelings of femininity that you have deep inside

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