I’m a Christian who is Transgender

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      I need to talk and pray with Christians who are Transgender

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      You are welcome to reach out and talk, rant, ask for help and prayers anytime. I am a Christian and transgender. My journey has had it’s ups and downs.
      Peace and hugs
      Shiloh Rose

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      Thank you Shiloh

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      Lauren Mugnaia

      Hi Bobbi, I am a Christian as well. If you’re going through a tough time being transgender and a believer, I understand why.  When I came out to fellow believers at the church I went to, I was, basically, not accepted, period, no questions.  I am now going to a church that accepts me for who I am and is caring and considerate.  Feel free to talk anytime.  🙂


      Lauren M

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      Hi Bobbie, I’m also a Christian transwoman, who will be praying for you and your support of gender dysphoria.  I have gone through alot of discrimination in the churches because of who I am now, but I have not given up on God.  I pray for all transgenders, who are going through the same thing your going through and for others who are going through others issues in life.  My prayers are for all of us to be safe in this misunderstandable world.  I pray that God will have others accept us without judging us.

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      im not very religious but i will pray for you all anyway xx

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      I am also a transwoman who has been a Christ-follower since I was 8. Almost 6 decades now. I was experimenting with girls’ clothes as young as 5 and I’ve internallized all the “clobber passages” in the Bible that have been used to make us feel guilty and unworthy. They are misinterpreted and in some (many?) cases intentionally mistranslated to fit a hetero-normative agenda.

      There is ample reasearch to back up what I say here. Unfortunately, most believers have been taught a way to think about LGBTQIA+ people and they earnestly believe what they have heard in church. There is no basis in scripture for these beliefs but you can’t convince them of the truth without God working to change their attitudes.

      I am happy to discuss this further but to keep from offending others on the site that do not believe as we do, best to take it to private chat.



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        Thank you Brie,

        Please contact me through my email.


        Thank you,


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          DeeAnn Hopings

          As a security measure, we don’t do E-mail addresses and phone numbers in messages. Please work through Private Messages…

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      Dawn J

      I’m also a Christian woman. Still struggling with getting my wife’s acceptance. I’ll pray for you if you’ll pray for me.



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      DeeAnn Hopings


      For full disclosure, I grew up in the Presbyterian Church and have held church offices in 2 of the 4 cities where I have lived. For various reasons, I have been unchurched for about 20 years.

      The unfortunate truth is that many LGBT folks avoid being affiliated with various religious organizations is due to bad experiences. That’s sad because many have used their religious beliefs to discriminate against LGBT people. I think a key point for all of us to remember is that our problem is not with The Word, it is how The Word has erroneously been co-opted by some practitioners.

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      Hi Bobbi,  I completely understand.  I’m a Christian and have battled with this all my life.  There are days that are good and then there are days that God and I have a lot of heart to heart discussions because of what I’m going through.  The one thing I know is that he loves me and I love him with all my heart.  I know he is always with me even when I’m at my lowest and hurting.  I will be praying for you and you can always reach out here anytime you need to.

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      I clicked “No”, assuming the bottom “Yes” is really a “No”.

      However, if there was a distinction between “Christian” and “Evangelical”, then I would have chosen “Yes”.

      Good luck and God bless, Bobbi.


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      I feel your pain. I am currently going through the same thing. Just remeber you have been dealing with this along time. They havnt. Give it some time. And try not to go crazy.

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      The answer here seems obvious:  There are many “flavors” of Christianity.  I live a couple of blocks from a United Church of Christ, and a few miles from a Unitarian Church.  Both are very LGBT friendly.

      Feeling guilty about being who you are is definitely not good for you.

      I’m not religious at all, but I’m not afraid to tell people, “God made me who I am, and who are you to argue with it.”

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      Liz K

      This survey is highly biased since the only answer is yes, LOL!

      I assumed the 2nd YES was actually NO and chose that.

      I’m a recovering Catholic and on a path that’s entirely my own.

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      I am also a Catholic TG CD and I struggle with understanding my purpose and how I can be my true self and is this God’s will for me or am I choosing my plan? It is complicated. I pray for u you ou and all us girls for inner girl peace🙏

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        [postquote quote=132226]
        I am a practicing Catholic as well. I find it hard to make sense of all of it, but I know who I am now, after many years of self denial and lack of understanding. I know two things for sure… I will always remain faithful to Catholicism and faithful to myself. I know who I am and trust that it fits into the grander scheme and that there is a place for me in paradise. After all, the first and most important commandment is LOVE so in addition to loving God and my neighbors,  finally after many years of pain, I finally love myself.


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      Lauren Mugnaia

      For all my lovely and dear sisters, here’s a link to a Youtube channel by a very incredible, and devout Christian trans woman named Kimberley Beregrove. Do yourselves a huge favor and check her out. She covers almost every topic we might deal with. She’s straightened a lot of things out for many of our trans sisters and has had me in tears more than a few times. Here’s the link:


      Hugs ladies, lots of hugs,

      Lauren M

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        Lauren,  Thank you so much for this link.  I have been watching several of her videos and they have brought me a lot of comfort and helped with being able to understand and answer so many things that we encounter in our lives.  She has a wonderful personality and is someone I really enjoy listening to.

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        Kimberley is very good, I have been following here for almost 2 years now.  She has helped me keep my Christian life on track while still being a CD/TG?


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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I think the fundamental issue is that those who work against us believe that sexual orientation and gender identity can be changed. The truth is that they cannot. Similarly, you cannot make someone gay or transgender. If that was the case, conversion therapy would work, only it doesn’t. Sadly many have been hurt needlessly.

      I suggest these 2 pieces:



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      M G

      I am transfemme/genderqueer, I am christian too but do not attend anywhere. I have lost a lot of my faith in people so attending churches was not my priority, reading the bible isn’t even a priority, I barely pray, I guess I lost a lot of my interest in that stuff after what I had gone through. I am not going to go into that but I am also married to a wonderful woman but I am probably going to end up divorced here in the next 6 months or less. Depends on what happens with a lot in our lives. I hope for the best for you and your family but its not like this is a choice for us.

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        Sorry to hear all that,But like you said it’s a choice,Now with saying that!! The people at my church are not very trans. friendly, they would not kick you out but they definitely disagree, Now again with that being said, I tell people you all are looking at the outside of the person and not the heart of the person, I think you would agree that we are all different. that’s just the way God made us. Otherwise it’ll be kind of a boring world. you got to go with a persons heart not the way they look or talk ext. God loves everybody. God don’t care how we are or how we look as long as we love him with all of our heart and follow him. I trust God every day what he’s doing in my life (every day )I may be different, but that’s how he made me. God did not say it would be easy, but that he would be with us. and you’re not supposed to judge but if you’re going to judge ,judge by the persons heart, not by the way they are. I hope I can inspire you. remember, all you have is today because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring so enjoy today to live a positive life stop looking at all the negative and you’ll find that it is a happier place. I pray that things will work out for you. you can pray to God on small things and big no matter what he’s always listening.,I hope I did not offend anyone just telling you the way I feel thank you,


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          M G

          Its not a choice!

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      Yes, I think we all need a little prayer now and then.  Gender Dysphoria is such a hard subject for people to understand.  I still have a hard time with it myself sometimes; and I’m living it.  I’ll try to send all the positive energy and prayers I can your way.  Hope somehow there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for you and your family in this.  Patience is a virtue.  Understanding through education.  Love conquers all.

      Best wishes,

      A. Marie

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      Lauren Mugnaia

      Hi girls,

      It appears that the person I recommended in a post last summer has disappeared from the net, I went to see her latest video this morning, and it says the owner has closed the account. She’s a long haul truck driver and does a lot of driving through the States, she is a trans woman and I can only hope she’s going silent to remain safer from the haters she may come across in her job.


      Ms. Lauren M


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      I am a non-denomination Protestant Christian.   I fell away from formal church halfway into my 14 year marriage.   My ex was very much into church and insisted that if I went to church it would ‘heal’ me from crossdressing.  Instead, while she was at church, I used my privacy to enjoy dressing up.   She cut me off sexually, accusing me of making her feel like a lesbian!  Our marriage died slowly and eventually we divorced.  I never gave up my belief in God, only that I didn’t need others to tell me how to live.  My ex then became a church minister of the denomination she was affixed to.   I wondered about that, she was always too shy to speak in front of people.  I am sure she prays for me still.

      Its a shame people use their beliefs to try to dictate how we should live.  All the answers are in the bible, if you don’t try to make the answers to fit your belief.   We’re all sinners, no one is exempt.  Not one sin is worse than another.   We’re all saved by God’s grace and Jesus’ blood.

      I also had to distance myself from my large family of siblings.  They consider themselves sinless compared to my life choice.

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      I was brought up a Catholic. So Catholic guilt and all that. An Irish Catholic in Ireland indeed.

      But I’m no Christian. There is no God and my sincere and I believe accurate belief is that all religion is nonsense if not dangerous and potentially evil.

      However it’s not my place to criticize people’s sincere belief in a deity. If that belief allows you to navigate your life with the hope of salvation after death. Then I envy you. If it makes you happy who am I to rain on your parade.

      The biggest problem with religions in general though is intolerance. Whether it be other religions or human nature. Remember religion as opposed to belief in God or spirituality is man made.

      All religions are invented by people. God if it exists didn’t specify a particular way of recognising it’s existence. If it did there would be one religion.

      So if you believe in God and you are Trans, that’s because God made it so. If you are a member of any man made organised religion that is intolerant of God’s will then they are not Christian.

      Same with gay etc.

      So my view is that being trans or gay is not incompatible with believing in a deity. Just because some people have a bigoted and intolerant view because of the invented religion they follow doesn’t mean you are in the wrong.

      You can be Christian and trans. If your particular religion feels otherwise find one that fits your needs.

      But I remain of the view that God is a human invention and you can never really move on as a human being until you accept that reality.

      Sorry to be so blunt.

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      Michelle Lawson

      Yes, I do as well, pray for the best help and outcome to help not only you, but all our members deal and cope with this most difficult subject. Our families and loved ones are closest to us, know us best, and that only leads to the struggle we go through mentally and emotionally. I know that helps get all of us through our daily lives. And I commend all of us for seeking out whatever faith based help we can find.

      I’d also like to make sure that our discussions stay close to the topic at hand so we may provide the best help to those that most closely need the help the topic provides. That said, please be aware that we have a group just for discussions of faith based issues that directly effect our community; Coexistence (https://transgenderheaven.com/groups/hamin-and-bagels/). So, I invite you all to check out that Group, as it contains a lot of great content, and thoughtful discussions. Hugs, Michelle

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      Amen,Totally agree,

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      I have prayed and read in my Bible app every day for the last 10 years or so . I believe that God makes no mistakes and that there is a reason for the way he made me, and I’m finding out I’m not alone , I fully trust God and try to live life with best intentions,I am not perfect and will never be perfect, but I know he loves me.

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