In or Out ( of the closet)

In or Out (of the closet)

Seeing the percentage of people out of the closet.

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    Timmie Sawyer

    I was wondering how many of you have come out to the world, and not still in the closet.

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      Tia Tracy

      In response to in or out I am out and about. I walk this earth as I did many years ago as a male without giving it a thought. I feel too many girls worry about approval of/ or passing as a female to the masses. Yes it takes sacrifice and moxy to own who you are in this day and age. I will assure you of this, once you’ve exited the door of the closet and come out, you will feel that all of the time in the closet was nothing more than a waste of time. # Nobody cares about you or how you feel. Tia Tracy

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      I’m living as Stef 24/7 now. I have never felt so free.


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      Not in a closet but not full disclosure about my transition. A few close friends know but for safety sake (mostly my family) I keep it away from public knowledge.

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      I am in the closet. Some days, I want to scream to the world who I am and other days I think just wait…. I don’t want to wait too long, like 6 months or something, while I get myself together

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      In the closet, but hopefully Hannah is permanently here in a few years..

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      I was wondering how many of you have come out to the world, and not still in the closet.

      I’m out of the closet, have been for the last 4 years, i honestly think our fears are in our minds, easy to say afterwards but i don’t get any issues in the real world

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        I think that this is very true. I’ve struggled to accept a lot about myself lately (being trans is one of them). But fear is very limiting…It can hold you back and stop you from living, especially if you are not able to conquer fear.

        Amelia ❤

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        Susan, I so agree with you. I think the harder part was my family, that is still hard for all of the family but, it is getting better.


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          I think we get to a time in life when we realise life itself isn’t a rehearsal, it needs to be lived to the full and if that means changing route then so be it, we need to be happy in everything we do

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      I’m so sorry everyone, I screwed up on how I set this up, I thought by not putting a number it would just tally up until everyone was sick of this poll.


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      Still firmly in the closet…..But not for long 😁

      Amelia ❤

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      Closeted… for now.

      Gen ❤

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I retired and moved to the desert 5 years and 10 days ago. In that time I’ve probably met well over 300 people. Probably not even 10% have ever met Don. While Don does occasionally make appearances (like yesterday for my vaccine shot), it is pretty rare. As my driver’s license says Don, I didn’t want to cause unnecessary confusion for the medical staff. In the time that I have been here, I have been a part of 9 different organizations covering Palm Springs Pride, various LGBT political advocacy groups , a social justice advocacy group , our Public Arts Commission, my car club and a lesbian small business owners and aspirants group. DeeAnn is the member of record…

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