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      I was wondering how many of you have come out to the world, and not still in the closet.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I retired and moved to the desert 5 years and 10 days ago. In that time I’ve probably met well over 300 people. Probably not even 10% have ever met Don. While Don does occasionally make appearances (like yesterday for my vaccine shot), it is pretty rare. As my driver’s license says Don, I didn’t want to cause unnecessary confusion for the medical staff. In the time that I have been here, I have been a part of 9 different organizations covering Palm Springs Pride, various LGBT political advocacy groups , a social justice advocacy group , our Public Arts Commission, my car club and a lesbian small business owners and aspirants group. DeeAnn is the member of record…

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      Closeted… for now.

      Gen ❤

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      Still firmly in the closet…..But not for long 😁

      Amelia ❤

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      I’m so sorry everyone, I screwed up on how I set this up, I thought by not putting a number it would just tally up until everyone was sick of this poll.


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      [postquote quote=94286]
      I’m out of the closet, have been for the last 4 years, i honestly think our fears are in our minds, easy to say afterwards but i don’t get any issues in the real world

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        Susan, I so agree with you. I think the harder part was my family, that is still hard for all of the family but, it is getting better.


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          I think we get to a time in life when we realise life itself isn’t a rehearsal, it needs to be lived to the full and if that means changing route then so be it, we need to be happy in everything we do

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          This is my biggest fear

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        I think that this is very true. I’ve struggled to accept a lot about myself lately (being trans is one of them). But fear is very limiting…It can hold you back and stop you from living, especially if you are not able to conquer fear.

        Amelia ❤

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      In the closet, but hopefully Hannah is permanently here in a few years..

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      I am in the closet. Some days, I want to scream to the world who I am and other days I think just wait…. I don’t want to wait too long, like 6 months or something, while I get myself together

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        You and I should team up, lol

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          SCREAM TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Not in a closet but not full disclosure about my transition. A few close friends know but for safety sake (mostly my family) I keep it away from public knowledge.

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      I’m living as Stef 24/7 now. I have never felt so free.


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      I would say I am out all my family know and a lot of my friends . I am a trades person and work on construction jobs I have got some looks but no one has ever said to much to me other then get a hair cut and got a hard time from a few when I got my ears pieced . Last month I colored my hair and no one said a word . My be they need me more then I need them . My profile picture on face book shows the real me

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      In the closet at the moment, My family has always had loss boundaries, and my older brother has a key to my place (I rent from him) and he sometimes uses the spare room when his wife is a bitch. I recently started crossdressing at home while I do chores, and yesterday while I was doing Dishes and cooking in: heels, stockings, and t-shirt (bottomless) complete with fox ears and tail ;3 my brother barged in OoO. I hid behind the counter and counter and yelled that I wasn’t decent. He laughed and told me to “put my dick away” and he went to the spare room while I went and changed…. I’m not giving up my sexy time at home, Its the only way I get my chores done, so I’m gonna have to deadbolt the door or get found out before I’m ready.

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        Toni Floria

        Ahmed sister. Hang in there

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        Toni Floria

        Yea being dressed is the only way I can get my housework done   Hang in there dear

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      Hello everybody I’m Raquel summers and I first crossed dressed in my friends mommy’s bedroom ,we where dog minding and my friend left the house, I had always had a liking for Patrica his mother but I had this strange notion to go and check out her secret world of lingerie, yes at first it was a sexual and sensual feeling, I  opened her top drawer and there was the most gorgeous site I had ever seen panties bras and garter belts stockings I saw a cornflower blue full.matching set and I slowly put them on, oh my goodness I was hooked and I had all the accessories I needed shoes boots overcoats clothes jewelry and make up, I just live dressing as a woman privately and now I’m questioning my strong urges to test myself If I’m bi sexual  is it the next step or is it me just being naughty I’m 52 now and still cross dress as often as I can, would love friends to share exciting news about their life’s and swap tips etc thank you for reading speak to you all very soon live Raquel xx

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        I would love to get to know you better!


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          Hello rachel, thank you for your response and as you know im new to all this as this is the first time in a public arena have i ever spoken to some one else as raquel its rather exciting so i wod love to ge tit know yoy better as well and become friends if thats your end goal which will be very nice indeed thank you so much Nd looking forward to chating with you soon
          Regards raquel xx

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            Hi! 💋

            Every time Im supposed to meet someone something happenes to screw it up.

            how are you?

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        Hi Raquel, I saw your response here and wondered why you think you might be bi because you like wearing women’s things? I have been a closeted CD for about 6 decades before coming out to my wife of 40 years last summer. I am now in HRT and plan to socially transition at the end of the year.

        I still love my wife and I am not sexually attracted to men whether en femme or not. My marriage may not survive all this (we are trying like hell to stay together), but I understand that late “bloomers” like me won’t change sexual preference when transitioning. I love looking and feeling like a woman, but have no illusions that even after hormones change me on the outside I can ever truly be a woman (genetically). I am not planning to have bottom surgery if my gender dysphoria is eased enough by just the hormones.

        My point is, we all have a comfort spot on the gender and sexuality spectrums (and they are not at all the same thing). Where you are comfortable, I wouldn’t be and vice versa. Just be true to yourself and be safe as you find the way of expressing yourself to the world! It’s not a horrible or weird thing, just a little unconventional. We all deserve to live our best lives as long as we don’t harm others.



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          I think probably it’s the next step for me in terms of exploring my true sexual and curious side I must admit I’ve bought a 8.5 inch rubber dildo and I have played with this to the extent I’m just loving the adrenaline rush i get pretending I’m a real woman dressed to impress and I see my lipstick on the.penis I’ve copied the moves from different girls and I just would like to try a real man and for once be used as a sex toy. Just once and then I may be satisfied I hope xx

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            Hi Raquel, I understand. So long as we stay safe, we should all be free to explore our gender and sexuality. I suppose it could go three ways – you’re hooked, it’s meh, or you aren’t digging it at all. You might consider what you would do next for any of those results. If you love it, you will not be able to stop at one time, I’d think.

            Anyway, I wish you good health and you find your comfortable spot on the spectrum. Be true to yourself in any case!



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            DeeAnn Hopings

            As a piece of information, you are a bit close to the edge in terms of being explicit. We don’t want people to get the wrong impression as to what this site is. We should keep this in mind as a future reference…

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        Like snowflakes, we are all different. I fail to see any direct correlation between being bi and being a crossdresser or fetishist but it is certainly  a possible scenario. One could easily be wired that way.

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