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      Stephanie Kennedy


      I was a little uncomfortable with the idea that anyone could be invited into a world that was a secret place where I could be with people like me. I have grown enough to understand a little about the big picture .We as women or transwoman I should say  have gained some success on getting acceptance that our issue is real. I work heavy building construction with hundreds of men on the job every day. These are our typical hard working men . The top person on the job sight is a transwoman she is sorta androgenous. No make up , Her clothing could easily be worn by both men and women . Just a very self confidant nice person. She is the person in charge of a 100 million dollar project. There are the strangest comments coming from the men. One man said he would make a pretty woman.  The others said to the first you do not have a chance. Every one laughed.. The bottom line this women earned respect  by not being shy or uncomfortable she was very smiley but the people who worked for her directly knew she was smart and she was given that position by very respectable financial investors.  It was not about her Gender or her sex it was about her abilities. I know understand that inviting anyone to have a look at the world of being transgender is a good thing. It’s a little different. We are just woman trying to fit in a womans world. The struggles we have dealt with. The struggles we deal with currently and the struggles we will deal with as woman which are hard enough but being a trans woman we have to be accepted by both sexes. The more people know about us the better it will be for our younger sisters and brothers. Luv Stephanie

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        My job requires me to work with trades on construction sites.  I have only had jobs in Michigan and Ohio. Our Commissioning manager is a very abrasive woman (I have gotten her to open up after a year and a half and surprise! She’s actually fun and nice).  She is not “cis” (not a big fan of that label btw).  It took me a little while to figure out why she was so abrasive.  In Ohio we had a steel worker that had been raised Amish and did not like the idea of working for a woman.  If our commissioning manager didn’t have an aggressive personality type she would be trampled over.  Obviously this doesn’t represent all workers on site but in both Michigan and Ohio I have found a majority to be fairly conservative.  I’m sure there is a woman with a cheerful personality type that could work with these people but I am having trouble accepting that (that’s my problem I guess).  For me, I tend to use sense of humor, military experience, and talent to win over trades.  However I like to avoid being an A-hole unless I think someone is trying to take advantage of my laid back attitude.  I don’t think I could go to the construction site without hiding myself as trans and get respect without being an a-hole.  I’m sure I’m just being cynical but I can’t help it. It’s nice to know there are trans in construction that prove me wrong.

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