It’s official, the doctor says, “Lauren, you are a woman!”

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      Lauren Mugnaia

      Big news girls, it’s official, the doctor says, “Lauren, you are a woman!”
      <p class=”graf graf–p”>I always knew that from an early age long ago, and have been living and working as a woman for over a year, but something happened to me last week that has changed my life. I started noticing that my pee was cloudy, but figured it would clear itself up, but the urge to pee had increased to every half hour. Then, on Wednesday at work, when I went to flush, there was a lot of blood in my pee! I got a ride to the emergency room at our local hospital and was checked in. Blood test, urine test, blood pressure, three different nurses asking a lot of questions and, after four hours in the waiting room, I was ushered into a cubicle, where I waited for another half hour. Instead of one of the male doctors who were diagnosing the people nearby, in walked a lady doctor who sat down and introduced herself. She had been looking at my medical records and knew I was transgender, my medical card says female and that is how I was presenting at the hospital.</p>
      <p class=”graf graf–p”>She proceeded to ask me a lot of questions, she already expected some of the answers, based on my medical records. She asked if any of my previous doctors had ever mentioned anything about intersexuality. I told her no, but always wondered after a physical exam what it meant when they scratched their heads and said, “Hmmmm”. I would ask and was always told it wasn’t important.</p>
      <p class=”graf graf–p”>I have always had my mother’s facial features, feet and hands. When puberty hit I developed A-cup boobs, very little body hair, large hips, thighs and bum, and my voice never got that deep. These physical attributes along with tiny private parts were a constant source of embarrassment when in PE classes. I used to hate and avoided going swimming and if I had to, always wore a t-shirt to hide my boobs.</p>
      <p class=”graf graf–p”>The wonderful lady doctor told me I had a very small urethra, and had developed a case of something that is very common in women, a urinary tract infection. She asked if I was sexually active and I said no. She said “…you have what is referred to as micro penis”, and probably because of it being in contact with drips of pee in my panties I had developed a UTI. She asked if anyone had ever suggested I was intersex? I answered no, but had already told her I knew I was transgender from my youth. She said a micro penis is one of the attributes of being intersex, and that, along with my feminine physical attributes, I was definitely intersex. She gave me a big smile and said to me,                                    “Lauren, you are a woman!”</p>
      <p class=”graf graf–p”>She is going to forward the examination report to my family physician and have him refer me to an indocrinologist as she thinks I would benefit from HRT, they’ve made a lot of changes and there are new types that don’t cause blood clots.</p>
      <p class=”graf graf–p”>I told her I’m writing a book about my journey, and it would now have a chapter about my visit with her. She wants to have a copy of the book when it comes out.</p>
      <p class=”graf graf–p”>After all the years of my life so far, knowing in the depths of my heart who and what I am, to have a doctor finally tell me what I always knew, was so wonderful. YOU ARE A WOMAN!</p>

      Big hugs girls, really big hugs,

      Ms. Lauren M

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      Congratulations darling..I am sorry about the uti but it brought you some very pleasant news.

      good for you



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      Oh my gosh,  hearing this term for the first time I had to look it up. I went on the Cleveland clinic’s page and things just started to fall in place. Right down to matters below the belt line. Thank you so much for your post. This validates so much! Hugs Katie

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      Dana Munson

      I have to agree with Missyjo, Lauren. I’d take a case of UTI if I could get that same diagnosis from MY doctor. Unfortunately, my genetics were as “blessed” as yours! But, anyway, many congratulations!!!

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      Dear Lauren,  Welcome sister and I wish we lived close enough so that I could have the services of such an astute physician.  Mine are not so intersex aware.  Hugs,  Marg

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      So happy for you Lauren. May your journey be filled with happiness and contentment.

      hugs, Jillleanne

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