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    Hi everyone 😊

    Sorry for the lack of posting it’s been a hectic week with work and other stuff. I posted in the introduction forum about coming out, my virtual drs appointment at planned parenthood, and getting prescribed meds.

    This past Monday, not only did I start my 1st of 6 laser facial hair removal sessions, it was also my first day on hrt. I was prescribed to take Estriodal 1mg under the tounge twice daily and Spiro orally 50mg twice daily. Today is now day 5 and I’m beginning to feel a couple side effects. My mood is a lot calmer. I’m able to handle stressful situations at work with more control. I’m also feeling more feminine about myself.

    I see the dr again in 3 months. What changes did y’all experience in the first 3 months or so.

    Breeanne ❤️

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      20 years ago, I started on 4mg daily under the tongue, spiro at 100, felt sore nipples withing a week.

      Though I have definitely lost strength over these many years, I still just look like a giant dude to the world. A dude with small breasts for sure, but that’s the only overt physical changes I’ve had.

      lack of oily skin and very slow growth and finer texture to what little body hair I have is a nice subtlety as well.

      My emotions were unaffected, I was always a crier, always very calm and even keeled. always have had a crazy sensitive sense of smell..many female traits.

      Recently I was measured at only 6’6.75″ at the doc. that’s an unexpected 1.25″ shorter.

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      Carly Holloway

      Hi, Breanna.  Berri [ed.] is correct that we all go thru puberty uniquely.  For me, I started a regimen of 4 mg est., and 100 mg spironolactone each morning.  The first week seemed rather blissful, but I attribute that to my heart/mind sat.  Still, my nipples became quite sensitive.  I also “felt” more at ease with, well, everything in just a few days.  Within a month, breasts were extremely sensitive, and even applying lotion was difficult.  I also felt little buds, almost too sensitive to touch.  During the next two months, I noticed some rather significant filling out in lower parts of the breast…the area between increased slightly.  The sensitivity continued, and increased around the growing buds.  Again, they were painful with just slight acute pressure.  By the end of 3 months, i had to wear a sports bra to minimize the bit of jiggling, because it was uncomfortable.

      I noticed body hair slowing and getting finer.  Oiliness of my skin decreased.  Most fa Hal poor got smaller.  My completion improved, and my skin got smoother.  Some hollows in my hi cheeks filled in.

      My over all mood was much calmer and much more relaxed.  I had all kinds of strong feelings,  getting stronger for about a month.  Lots at laughing and smiling, and life seemed dinner.  Also, I cried over spilt milk.  A sad song, a touching movie scene, a passing though andni was wet eyed.  But the tears ‘felt good’, easy, natural.

      I am now in my 8th month HRT.  I had 2 conversations with some work friends recently.  Both of them mentioned how I had changed, commen5ing that I was much more talkative, happy go lucky, and personable in the last several months.  They were glad that I seemed different.  (I am a clinical supervisor in a MH clinic, with a bunch of younger therapists.  Their words impacted me.)

      Those are just the things I was able to observe during those first months.  Any resemblance to others, real or fictional, is unintentional. LOL.

      Peace, love and hugs, Breanna.          Carly.

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      Hi Breanna ,

      Well it will different for everyone , but for in the first 3 months when I started my journey I was on 5mg of est , wasn’t on any kind of blockers ( a lot has changed in 20 years ) . My nipples were extremely sensitive to the point I had to wear band-aids on my nipples . Under my ears where my lower jaw is I felt muscles and tendons charging . Had this throbbing feeling . Discomfort in my pelvic bone (  shifted forward 2.5mm so there was that throbbing feeling like in my jaw . Other then that rest of the changes you won’t feel other then the metal factor everything will be visual ! Will start noticing subtle changes in your face and your legs will take on a more femm tone . It will take up too two years for the body to full change and up to 5 years for your breast to develop , but Like I said it will be different for everyone . Younger woman will have more profound changes in their bodies then us older ladies . Embrace it !



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