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      I’m a week or so away from having a consultation regarding transitioning and would like to hear from anyone who might be able pass on their knowledge for what I’m looking to do.

      I identify as non-binary, but lean far more to the fem end of the spectrum. My primary reason for considering HRT is to benefit from the emotional and phycological changes the treatment would offer.

      There is so little information online regarding case studies of MtF microdosing and everything I read seems to suggest that this therapy will result in breast development.

      I’m very torn over the idea of this.

      On one hand I think I’d love the idea of breast development (which makes me question how non-binary I am) and on the other it could/would result in losing my wife. Who’s been amazing since coming out a year ago. Something I don’t want to happen.

      I know you can’t pick and choose which effects you want after the treatment starts. But I’m hoping microdosing will allow me to feel more like a woman, but not have the physical changes (although saying that I’d love to have more hips and bum).

      If breast development does occur, it’ll be slow and slight, and might give my wife a better chance to accept the changes.

      Has anyone had/heard of any others experiences with microdosing in terms of what results happened and didn’t happen. If you catch my drift.

      There are obviously different treatments and amounts etc that would be available. So I’m wondering if there’s a good, trusted route to sway more towards the feeling side, rather than the physical one.

      I think the answer is no, but need to ask/hear it.


      Thanks for your time.




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      Hi Willa, I know most people don’t endorse supplements over an endocriologist regimen, but in this case you may find the supplements to give you some mental/emotional change with not much physical change – depending on dosage, etc. Also, You Tube has dozens or hundreds of feminization and affirmation subliminal tapes that will help your mind think more feminine and probably do little to change your body.

      Very low-dose estrogen might give you the most dependable results, and if a low-dose regimen, it might never cause any appreciable physical change, but may never relieve any dysphoria, either. Your medical team is the best source, but don’t be surprised if they downplay non-prescription methods. A natruapath or doctor who is homeopathic in approach will be more apt to give you an opinion of each method and let you decide.

      Good luck!


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      Thank you for the kind words of advice. I’ve researched natural supplements, vitamins and foods that are naturally high in estrogen (sesame and flax seeds, soya beans, vit B and D have all been part of my diet for years now).


      There are contradictory webpages regarding black cohosh, chaste berry, red clover and dong Quan to name a few about their properties and if they would naturally help.


      What I can’t find anywhere is information on the amount that should be taken to help.


      If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear it.


      My appointment a week or so is with a company called gendergp. I’ve heard good things. They have a great website with lots of information. But they don’t mention anything about natural supplements.


      It’s definitely worth asking.


      Thanks again Brie

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        Hi Willa,

        Im in your same situation but have not opened up to my wife.  My questions are the same as yours.  Also because I’m still closeted I was wondering if anyone knew or experienced macrodosing helping with dysphoria?  Is macrodosing strong enough?

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      Michelle Lawson

      Willa, I would absolutely, positively, endorse whatever a medical professional, with a doctoral degree, tells you is best for your situation. And I would absolutely, positively, endorse you following their prescribed method of transitioning. I would absolutely, positively, never endorse the use or consumption of any over the counter, mail-order, types of ‘medications’ for transitioning. Understanding the accepted medical data is essential in your research within the process of transitioning. I know those are tough words, but you only have one body and one life. And there are too many get rich schemes out there. Best wishes, Michelle

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        Thanks Michelle, that really helps affirm I’m doing the right thing. I’m sure the specialists know what they’re doing.


        Thanks again.

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