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    Jenna Gee

    Hello, I found this site/forum via internet search. I am beginning my long journey in becoming who I really am. I am terrified, yet excited. I joined because I am hoping to connect with others like-minded. I don’t know of any other resources in my city – yet, but I am positive that I will find what I need. Right now, I just want to connect and meet others going through or have gone through the transitioning processes (if that is even the right word for it). I need help understanding our wonderful community and help understanding what I am and will be going through.

    Thank you and wish all the best.

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      It’s Ok..Jenna You are HERE WITH US
      YOUR SISTERS Love Jessica 💕

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      Jenna Gee

      Thank you for your replies, I am honored and very much humbled by this. I will be honest I have no clue as to what I am doing. I know what to do, I just don’t know how to get there. I have reached out to the local Transgender place-thingy, but I haven’t gotten a reply. I have searched local therapists so I can speak to someone about myself (and hopefully start HRT), but I haven’t found any around me. I feel as if I live in a time capsule, stuck in a time that being Trans is “tabboo” or something. I know it’s still early and I know I might be getting WAY ahead of myself but darn it! I want… no, I NEED to do this! I have never been someone who wastes time when I know I need/want something.


      Anyways, thank you so much! Brings me great joy in knowing I am not alone! ♥

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      Hi , welcome Jenna , my issues started around 5 years old about my journey as they call it , I transitioned officially 4 years ago 2018 , many bouts in rehabs , hospitals from alcohol abuse – in the end one day I said to myself enough is enough , you get one life and your gone – If there is reincarnation I’d take the female side every-time , who know’s ? , but in this life as a mortal I chose to be a girl , It’s my soul – a person does pay the price for social bias and brainwashed thinking from many CIS gendered and happy with who they started out as – I wasn’t fortunate enough to have this bestowed on me – the incongruence of a persons soul/mind to body cannot be ever explained to the biased ones – transitioning is long and hard for some like myself – for others  it’s a breeze and easy – the 1 st puberty does it’s way on a person that has No choice initially to fit into a hard world at best – I’ve transitioned physically and hormonally with No regrets of SRS etc. other than maybe the surgeons I went to – the process is long really – true acceptance when out and about in public is only achieved when others see your as natural as you present to others being relaxed and not worrying about being “clocked” and given a hard time – the last year it’s rare someone calls me anything other than ” Mam ” I’m  pretty much in the club now , finally, took so long being born in the late 50’s growing up in the 60’s to mid 70’s  , anyways I couldn’t image ever going back , not happening – things are not perfect but my soul is reasonably happy and I like it – if your true transgender there’s only one way – be yourself – XO – Krystal G , BC , Canada

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      Hi Jenna, as Shiloh and Jessica have said, welcome to TGH! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I have transitioned and live and work as a woman, now legally a female. I invite you to check out my profile, look at “my wall” and you can read a lot of posts that will, hopefully, take some of the fear out of the start of your new journey.
      I wish you all the best as you take your first steps.

      Hugs girl, lots of hugs,

      Ms. Lauren M

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      Hello Jenna… Welcome to TGH….
      This is a Safe Place to Be Your True Self and too Find… the Answers to the Questions…We All Have on Our Wonderful Journey… to being Our True Gender… Jessica 💕

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      Welcome to TGH. You will find a lot of information here if you spend some time looking around.
      And you will find that we are all on the journey of discovery.
      Please feel free to reach out with any questions you have.

      Peace and Love

      Shiloh Rose 🌹

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