Official Launch of the Survival Guide – Sunday 23rd May 2021


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      It gives me such a feeling of pride and a sense of togetherness across our two websites to announce the launch of this new feature today.

      This idea was brought about by a situation where I live in the South West of France, which brought a feeling of immense sadness within me. It left me feeling helpless within the local community here in this ancient town called Bellac.

      News reached me of two married men that had attempted suicides within days of each other but unrelated. Both married to women and maybe with children; one couple ran a bakery in the centre of town. This was in the latter part of 2020 when everyone had already suffered some of the biggest changes they have ever had to face in their lifetime, due to a world crisis we were all struggling to deal with and make some sense of.

      After this news had settled to a more calm state in my mind, I begin to consider, if there were a support system or service in place that these two mean could have accessed for help, would they have reached that point of desperation?

      I contacted an organisation in the town who were connected to all kinds of public funding and service to ask if there was a possibility to create something to avoid others following the same path. It was becoming clear from world news that suicides especially were increasing at an alarming rate as a direct result of the situation, fear-based anxiety and stress that was out of their immediate control. To my bitter disappointment, my idea was refused due to restrictions of personal interaction during the crisis, something that I had trouble accepting as a valid excuse!

      Coming back to this site to continue with the projects I am involved with, allowed me to see how our own community may also be struggling in a similar way. In addition to what I already know how many are struggling and suffering in the daily lives because of how they need or have to live their lives.

      There comes a time in our lives when we all need someone to help us, and I feel this may be that time for so many of us, including myself! It is the power and driving force behind this project, the love, gratitude, support and compassion that we experience every visit that we make here, that I know will make this purposeful and effective. By bringing this community and membership together in a single belief and heartfelt centred inclusive action for us all, is the most effective and compelling way that I can implement care, support and a sense of healing to others, by myself and my wonderful friends and family here with me.

      Love and hugs

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      Michelle Lawson

      Sophie, you are so right in knowing, not thinking or believing, but knowing, that we all need some level of caring support, of some kind, and at some point. So I thank you all for what you are bring forth to help our community. Be it something as simple as what was presented in yesterday’s video session, or something deeper; there is not a person on this planet that cannot gain from the support of others. In just thinking about all those in the world with no support, all of our members are blessed to be able to have the care and support here at TGH; and to be able to call this a home away from the 4 walls we are surrounded by. I look forward to many more of future video sessions I’m sure you all are working on. Michelle

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      Bonjour Sophie,
      I am in France and  my English I think is ok
      I like the Survival Guide philosophy. I am not possible for help but I am interested for things you make. Can help me with life. Everything changes I am not happy. It can be hard to understand of anything now.
      Bonne Chance et bises

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