Oh The Thrill of It All

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    Jennifer Scott


    I have to tell you all that I am just simply thrilled.  As many of you know I have been on HRT now for about 5 months.  I have been impatient at times waiting for things to happen and have been alternately disappointed and euphoric.  I recently went to my gender specialist who, after looking at me said that I have progressed more in 4 months than some of her patients she has been seeing for a year.  That was Euphoria #1.  Next I found a bra calculator online.  After measuring myself in the 6 different ways it was telling me:  loosely under the breast, snugly under the breast, tightly under the breast and then the breasts at the widest part in three different positions, standing, leaning at a 90 degree angle and laying down.  I input all the numbers from the tale of the tape and the calculator said I was a 40B.  That was all I needed to see!  I immediately went to Walmart because I know they don’t guard the change room like some stores.  I tried a 38B, 40B and 42B.  Lo and behold the 40 was perfect.  The breasts are not quite a “B” cup yet but are very close.  They are definitely bigger than an “A”.  Euphoria #2.  I’m also starting to get curves, which others have noticed.  Looking at myself in the mirror everyday sometimes yields no results, but looking at pictures of myself comparing month 1 to month 4 there are definite changes.  Euphoria #3.  All this at the tender age of 66.

    Sorry if this sounds like boasting.  I am simply thrilled with changes that are happening and wanted to tell the world.  I am sure there will be days when the dysphoria raises its ugly head again.  Thanks for reading.


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      Meran Berwyck


      My biggest thrill so far is the development of my breasts!  Every time I was in the shower, I’d look down and it seemed I had another ‘burst’ of growth.  Plus, I began buying bras that comfortably supported them.  But with the most welcomed breast growth, I also gained too much weight, and also had to buy larger banded bras to fit properly.  I still love my breast development.

      I am retired now, but when I was working, I had considered buying chest binders to hide my protruding breasts.  In the job I had I had to wear aprons, which helped to cover my breasts.  I took an apron home to be able to come and go with it on.

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      Congratulations, Jennifer.

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