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    Ladies.  Can you help me out by sending me some New Topics of polls questions you’d like to see/ask?   Thank you my sisters. Bless you all.

    Dame Veronica

    Dame Veronica Graunwolf

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     Dame Veronica Graunwolf 


    Hi Xelyn and thank you for your questions, please do send any more you may have. What you have asked is something that would be very hard to do. I suggest that you can look at individuals Profiles for some answers but to make them a general poll topic would be impossible.  We have almost 30, 000 members world wide (at least that is what the consensus is). New girls join, some girls leave but we are increasing in membership by leaps and bounds. All our girls are either thinking about CD/TG , starting, working on, completing or living their journey.

    Cami is running the poll section so maybe you can contact her and see what she says. I am having a time covering TGH and CDH Forums as well as welcoming new girls , can’t get to them all, but I try.

    Xelyn….thank you again for your interest in our sites and look forward to great things for you.. Remember…..my door is always open to you sweetie…..do come in and chat.


    Dame Veronica

    Dame Veronica Graunwolf

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    Just because I’m curious about these subjects, you might consider them.

    • How many members are still questioning a transition, in the process of transitioning, or have already transitioned?
    • How long did it take people to come out to their loved one’s as transgender or having gender dysphoria?
    • How long did it take for people to come out as such publicly?

    I’m sure I could think of more, but those are just the ones that come to mind first.

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     Carla Roberts 


    For those who have or are somewhere in transition, do we still do the same activities (household chores/hobbies/work) that we have always done, but are now on the other end of our gender norms, and longer match our current persona? I held some typically masculine jobs along my journey, thinking I would achieve the norm for myself, and it did not workout. I do still do some hints that seem out of character, because it is convenient, but prefer not to.

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     angel angelica 


    dealing with personal image doubts, how to learn to love yourself

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