Pedicure treatment is just heavenly.

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      Crappy day today with light flurries and grey skies. What’s a girl to do? Laundry, dishes, I shall not!!!  Lol off for a pedicure I say. Oh how glorious they are. If I were wealthy I’d have one a week along with a manicure and a massage.  The painted toes in a dark blue by Essie looks fantastic. As soon as my chipped fingernails grow back at a little more, I’ll go for a manicure.

      anyoneelse enjoy a pedi or manicure?

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      Hey Jill

      I’ll add it to my bucket list.

      I’m definitely going to need a bigger bucket at this rate.


      Ellie x

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        Oh Ellie, hurry with that bigger bucket girl! That pedicure just make my feet  feel soooo good. Can hardly wait to go again.  Do yourself a favour and get one.

        hugs, Jillleanne

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          Hey Jilleanne

          Does it matter that I have very ticklish feet? Knowing me, I’d jump sky high as soon as my feet were touched and end up kicking someone in the teeth.

          I’m not sure that it’s worth the risk, no matter how good it might make my feet feel.

          Hugs (but please don’t tickle)

          Ellie x

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            Me too! My wife hates painting my toes because I’m so ticklish. So off to the professionals we go. Lol

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            Go for it Ellie.  Having a pedicure is like heaven.  As the old commercial says ‘Try it, you’ll like it”..  Cassie

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            Hey Cassie

            I’m not sure that too many pedicure establishments exist in Norfolk.

            You have to remember that we’re only just emerging from the agricultural revolution.

            Ellie x

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      The place I go to includes a leg massage with a pedicure. That is just wonderful at the end of a long week!

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        Oh Ellie, you’re just spoiled! Lol

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      As someone who has tried a ton of stuff including my power sander, I have found most American pedicure people do not really know what they are doing. You need to really do your research before going to anybody and even then. The second best I ever had was some very lovely asian girls down in Daytona beach while I was summering down there, they took their time and made stuff look very nice. The very best and it was like a 3hr job just on my feet was a girl in small town Russia. She had every tool in the books and knew how to uses them, plus she really carefully took her time on each toe, I mean like 10 mins per toe just with the painting, not just the clean up. I bet even some movie stars do not get such a treatment and fantastic results, it is a shame it does not last forever and my nails grow out.



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        I use the Asian girls as well. They just seem to be more detailed and not in a rush.

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          Yes, and the not in a rush is a huge part of a good nails and getting them done right. If they are squeezing you in, or always seemed over booked, go elsewhere.



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