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      Well what type of clothes do you prefer to wear ?

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      Hmm ? Well,,, it really depends on if theres perhaps a special occasion to what it is,, to know what to choose to wear ?? Are you talking about a wedding ? A date night ? Gurls night out with other gurls & or gg-girls ? Now for me,,, just in General these are the type of clothing you [ wont ] ever see me wear’ jeans&Sneakers/t~shirts I tend to want to wear,,, definitely more feminine and girly style clothes🎀💕🚻🚺👠 like for example: Skirts/blouses dresses high heels that dont necessarily have to be,, that high lol for this Gurl/me,, stockings with the wearing of some sort of a garter belt  & or girdle with the straps to hold-up my stockings & of the wearing of a gaff so for this Gurl the more feminine the better for me/Kara 🎀💕🚻🚺👍👠

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I checked Short Skirts. I have a large selection of them (wearing one as we speak), but nearly all are skorts…

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      I didn’t vote. I live out on a farm. And have to be around farm equipment and a lot of other things. So I have to spend a lot of time in female jeans and a top. Sometimes shorts leggings love them. And yes I do have a few dresses for the right time.

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      I checked dresses as l love them and have well over 50 of them. Skirts of all lenghts come in as a good second place. However I mostly go in stretch jeans and a nice top or blouse for daily wear.

      Marianne Tornander

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      I always wear short skirts and dresses nothing else no long ones and never ever wear pants again

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      I like skirts that show off my butt, It’s ashame I’m too scared to let anyone but my mirror see it. I’m working up the courage to get some dresses.

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      I like wearing all differant stlyes of clothes but short skirts are by far my favorite.

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      Dresses and short skirts are a tie but since you can only choose one I selected dresses.

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      Hi Gee, super skinny jeans or anything tight. I’ve never worn a dress…not many woman do here? I don’t know where jeans fits, pants?

      Alex x

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        Hi Alex, I also like wearing tight pants and tight shorts.  I don’t like wearing jeans unless I have to.  I myself have not worn any dresses.  Vicky


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      I’m just kidding, Dee Ann…

      🤗 :Barb

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        DeeAnn Hopings

        Well, the fear is that if I were to do anything, and Pat found out, she would probably run me down in her wheelchair and roll over me about 37 times, give or take!?!?

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      I like dresses , especially since its so hot , a dress feels so much cooler . I will admit when getting in a hot car i wish i had on long pants . But i wear a dress , usually a shift , just panties and bra , feels so nice .

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      Definitely dresses, although skirts and sleep wear are a close second and third.  When it comes to clothes, I’m as girly as they come.  Anything plain in bras, panties, etc. is definitely out.

      FYI, part of the reason that I waited so long to transition is that my clothing preferences are very atypical of women.  I have several female friends whom I’ve never seen in a dress or a skirt.  I’ve been going to the same nail salon for four years; in that time, there have been four times whrn either a customer or a tech (besides me, of course :)) wore a dress or a skirt.

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      I wish it would of given at least 3 choices.  Causse I like skirts about 3″ above the knee, some midi’s and slacks as well.

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      I have been a crossdresser most of my life. I love my skirts and dresses to swish and swirl round my legs as I move. I love chiffon satin silk and lace. My wife thinks some of my lingerie is more for a younger girl than myself. I never wear trousers leggings or jeans while I am dressed enfemme.  To me it is about the clothing.

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      [postquote quote=126407]
      I have a little bit of everything listed in my wardrobe. I prefer midi skirts and then midi dresses.

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      I love dresses and heels for the most part. I also love skirts and will probably depend more on the evening than my indecisive choice on this.

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      Well Gee,  I checked dresses even though I an almost always wearing jeans and a top (kind of a soccer grandma look).  However, if I get the chance, I really enjoy cocktail dresses and long gowns (think formal charity ball at the museum etc.).   Due to covid there was almost nothing last year so I’m hoping that this year will be better.  Thanks for this  interesting question.


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      Dana Munson

      Well, my actual answer to the poll question would have been: “Whatever best suits the place(s) I intend to be or what I intend to be doing.” Around home, I can (technically) wear anything . . . but doing gardening or other yard work in a dress doesn’t feel “right.” And when I am out – be it shopping or whatever – I seem to notice more women in jeans or other “pants” than are in skirts or dresses.  So I have certainly have dresses and skirts in my closet (and hose and heels, etc.) . . . but I rarely find an appropriate occasion to wear them. I don’t NEED to wear them to feel “feminine.” I am a woman whatever I am wearing. And besides, IMHO, my ass looks pretty decent in a tight pair of skinny jeans!  🙂

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        Toni Floria

        I kinda like capri pants they seem to be very common around here with some sensible flats and a nice top

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          Susan K

          Capri pants and wedges high heels are my favorite

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      Since I’m FTM, I prefer pants usually jeans or sweats but, I also like the baggy goth style pants and shirts. Personally, I’ve never liked skirts or dresses I just feel really weird in them.

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      I chose dresses.  However I have many short skirts which I love too.   Most of my dresses are the cosplay type, or sissy type, or maids dress type.  I also wear a petticoat under them to make the dress flow outward.  I recently purchased a bodysuit/skirt set from Amazon, called “Littleforbig”.  I highly recommend it if you’re into fantasy clothing.

      On the outside, I prefer long dresses, just below knee length.

      I also love hobble skirts.  If you have not seen these, they’re pencil skirts that reach the ankles, which you have to small step to walk in them.   I recently purchased a red latex hobble skirt.  Its fun to wear with heels.

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      I agree, depends on situation..but I tend to dress girly.

      I dress 1950s june cleaver skirts or dresses for church n work, but I have an inner tramp that enjoys minis n body hugging short club dresses n minis that let my ass n panties show free. blush sorry.

      and yes I have a middle ground of denim mini or skirt to mid thigh n wedges with à cute blouse n pretty lingerie.


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      I picked shorts, but really either shorts or short skirts that allow me to show off my legs are perfect. Depending on the weather, I’ll pair them with a tank top, blouse, or crop top; along with sandals, flipflops, or sneakers.

      Breast implants are probably a couple of years away for me, so I usually wear a padded push-up bra underneath to enhance my cleavage when I’m out socially. At work and with family, I’ll opt for a more discreet bralette or sports bra for now

      After hours, I prefer to wear either a nightgown cut above my knees, a cute 2-piece pajama set, a babydoll, or a bodysuit.

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      In these hot days of summer I love the light colorful  dresses.  Although short shorts and flip flops with matching toenails painted are good also.

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