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      Today, I sat down with my 68 year old Mom, 74 year old Step Father, my 32 year old Sister and her fiancé (who I just met for the first time) and told them I am transgender and over the next few years I would be moving towards affirming my femininity through hormone therapy and surgery and adopting a more feminine lifestyle/presentation.

      In the time since I’d admitted to myself who I was this conversation had been rehearsed millions of times and, as is often the case, things seldom go as planned. I am thrilled to say that how I imagined things would go was vastly under estimating the depth of my family’s respect and feelings towards me. Other than a few concerned questions regarding my marriage, my children, my job and my mental health it was a completely loving and accepting positive coming out for this woman!

      Being able to share and learn here has been of immeasurable value and without so many of you and your stories my life would be but a shadow, a sham. I can only hope that I have the opportunity to pay it forward and the ability to ease someone else’s struggle.

      Thank you for being a part of my journey, I look forward to seeing what the future has in store.

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      Allison M


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      That’s fantastic, Rei, congratulations! ☺️ I’m used to seeing you on CDH, and have followed your progression a bit. I have also realized I am transgender in the last two years. Only my wife and Dr know. Well, I came out to my former sister-in-law yesterday (sister of my late wife, I am now remarried), and I knew she wouldn’t judge. I can only hope it goes as well with my family as it did with yours. Very happy that you will have their support!

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        Thank you Jenna, I will send you a ton of good luck and best wishes when and if you decide to go that route.

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      Well done Rei, coming out was the hardest thing for me so I understand how difficult it can be. Now you can really start your journey with the support of loved ones. You will also have the support of everyone here, if i don’t speak for everyone i at least speak for myself. If you ever need to talk about anything drop me a message and i’d be happy to converse :). Good luck in your journey <3

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        Aww I appreciate that Lydia thank you so much, it’s such a relief to know that others have been here and moved past it towards a healthier happier life.

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