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      Good evening,

      I have been wondering for a while, do other Trans men use a binder while swimming or is this a bad idea/unsafe to do? I enjoy swimming but, I feel very uncomfortable in most swimsuits and was hoping for some advice or tips on what others have tried or suggest.

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      I voted other so I could see the poll results.

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      Istvan Szabo

      i voted other too , because i dont know yet. Womens swim suit does make sense. I thought about a bodysuit when i was reading the title.


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        That’s a good suggestion, I hadn’t thought about that.

        Thank You! 🙂

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      Logan R

      I use a woman’s swimsuit a the moment, i wear a swim shirt over top and shorts with coverage to help a bit.

      But you can wear a binder when swimming, just make sure its a size or two up from your usual one. There are also compression tops which may be good for swimming. You can also use kinesiology tape to bind which is the safest option.


      Here’s a link on how to use kinesiology tape for binding


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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I wear women’s bikini tops and basically pretend that it’s not there. I wear a lot of shirts that have the sleeve cut off and it will usually be cut down to my hips and midway over my chest so the sides of my top show and my whole side.  But its better than a binder or bra and the shirts usually baggy enough to water down the size of my bust if any of that makes sense. But I’ll pop the shirt off anywhere, in my mind the bikini basically makes the bust invisible. but my bust only a b so there’s not a whole lot for me to put down but I can imagine it wouldn’t be that way for someone with bigger.</p>

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        Ok, thank you for posting. That’s very helpful, I might try that.

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      My breasts are small enough to swim without a top so I will swim and I have no issues being seen with my small breasts.

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        I’m an A cup two and a half years into HRT… after looking at all the fat men with boobs I just use my drab shorts. Only when I go for GRS will I wear a female swim suit

        Cheers Polly

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      Well, I am a M2F now going thru HRT and actually look forward to wearing a woman’s swimsuit as I progress. My biggest concern, other than being an old fat person that will never really pass, is that I am also suffering from male pattern baldness… do I wear a wig to the beach on a hot summer day? Yikes!

      For you F2M folks’ out there, I’d offer that there are so many men these days with moobs, I wouldn’t be too worried about it. Wear a loose T-shirt to protect you from the sun, regular swim trunks and have fun at the beach. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff…

      I must say that in my 72 years I find it rare that anyone out there really cares…

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      At the pool with friends, I wear a binder under a swim shirt. Partly to stop the shirt clinging to my chest and partly because the binder keeps me warm in the water, which means I can stop and chat without shivering. It causes no discomfort at all, but the binder I use is old so it’s well stretched out.
      <p style=”text-align: left;”>If there’s no one around and it’s a hot day I sometimes swim topless in the reservoir to avoid getting my shirt wet. Those swims tend to be more spur of the moment, i.e. I went for a run and got too hot, rather than a planned social thing.</p>

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      hello. I’m M2F and I planned my swimming in detail n just started at the local college gym. I wear a 1 piece mastectomy suit with silicone forms I’ve put into it, have 2 to rotate, n change in women’s locker rooms. I loved it, but I wear a tight gaff under to keep my front smooth. thinking about having testicle removed, soon. plan to rent locker n keep my stuff in it, n have a second suit n gaff ready at all times.

      I guess if I was F2M I woukd contemplate male shorts, a binder n a shirt, depending on my breast size. at some point I’d be anxious to go topless. n I think I’d look into a prosthetic to keep with my swim gear to keep my swim trunk.   full. locker rooms problem as mens locker rooms usually do not have private stalls or showers like womens do.   good luck dear


      missy jo

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      I saw a wig consultant n she suggested, I have a full head if hair, that I grow mine out..but in meantime get good wigs from her n get a 100 wig off amazon to swim in..toss it at end of summer n get new one, but don’t mess up your pricy wigs..same with forms..dedicate a pool pair or 2 n expect the chlorine to harm them…then order new ones

      all that said, I haven’t made it to wig, yet. my dysphoria, drove me crazy enough I was changing several times per day..top to bottom..n going nuts..a dear friend Said look in mirror, if you truly are or wish to be missy above all else, then get dressed and scre..it. nobody really cares as most people have kids with soccer practice, groceries to buy, homes to clean, jobs to keep etc..so the M2F transgirl having funky hair for 7 more months, so what.

      I tan in bikinis at home, cut the grass in sports bras, n wear a pocketed one piece to swim at local college. and yes, use the ladies lockers dear..just be, ..discreet. good luck. enjoy.

      good luck dear.


      missy jo

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      Before I stopped swimming, I wore a women’s swimsuit in 2022 when I went camping with family (I ended up donating the swimsuit (which I cut off the breast paddings with scissors because no way am I going to wear something with additional padding that is dysphoria inducing) anyway since I didn’t swim as much anymore).

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