Trans male and trans female romance

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      I’m not looking for a new relationship as I’m madly in love with my partner Cat who is unquestionably the love of my life.  However, I am interested to know what percentage of trans men would date a post-op trans woman.
      so this question goes to the trans men here who identify as bi, pan or het men. Obvs gay trans men wouldn’t.
      For the record, if I wasn’t in a relationship already, I’d be keen to date a trans man as a post-op trans woman.

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      Years and years ago my second mother of a sorts, Merri, who was a very nice MtF lady dated and eventually married a Trans Guy, FtM. Actually it happened after I left the nest so to speak so I did not even meet her husband. Merri got mad at me for moving on in my life and I was also not the most communicative person so I am partly at fault for not calling and writing. Either way they both were older, 50’s, and from what friends have told me were happy. So it does happen, as far as percentages I have no clue.



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      I’m a trans man, I would date a post-op trans woman (I’d also date a pre-op trans woman). I’m pretty sure I’m asexual as I’m not really concerned about my dates parts it’s personality that I look for. As long as they have a great personality I’d date them.

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        Thank you. That’s really kind of you to take the time to reply. I wasnt sure many of the men here would be willing to answer this. I worked with Jake and Hannah Graf on their most recent film and they make a great couple but it seems so rare a family dynamic sadly.
        I have a feeling lots of post op binary transgender people will be either asexual or pansexual as our life experience makes us value these parts less perhaps. Happy Pride brother! 🌈🏳️‍⚧️😘

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          You’re welcome 🙂 I’m glad I could help. It’s possible not too many others have seen the post but, I’m not really sure. That’s cool that you got to work with Jake and Hannah but, yeah you don’t hear of too many trans couples.

          Happy Pride sister! 🙂

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      I often would ask myself if I would as a trans woman, date a trans man and the answer is yes, absolutely. I am currently with a fully accepting gg but I really would not be saddened if I was to date a trans man, if I were ever in that position. I believe the level of understanding and acceptance would be extremely high.

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