Transdermal Electrolysis???

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    Miriya Paris

    Hello ladies this question is for you.  Has anyone tried a home based transdermal electrolysis?  Such as:

    I see mixed reviews on online some say it works others no it doesn’t, but there is not enough either way to be conclusive.  The little needle machines for the home sound two complicated/dangerous for the unskilled home user. Plus they are not as strong as the doctors office.  Of course a professional doctor 👩‍⚕️ is the safest and most effective however as many of you know a facial electrolysis complete hair removal is $$$$, and can take a year or more of appointments.  As I have a slight doctor/hospital phobia, can not use insurance, and a DIY type of person I was wondering if anyone actually had a hands on real life trial of one of these machines?  Thank you for your help.





    Ps Laser won’t be effective as hair color is too light for the lasers.

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     Danielle Fox 


    Hey Miri & Cloe,

    After reading your post here Miri I started looking for an electrolysis machine myself. Having only grey hair on my face and head but brownish to light brown elsewhere I thought I’d find an inexpensive electrolysis machine. Oh heck no! Only a few electrolysis machines and they were very expensive! The IPL machines were less expensive but will not work on grey hair being a form of laser hair removal. So it looks like it will be the professionals I will be visiting after all. Ahem (heavy sigh)!


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     Cloe (CC) Webb 
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    Getting the needle to the right depth is a trick in itself.  Having worked on electronics for too many years I’d be concerned about the calibration on a home machine and what could go seriously wrong over time.  Too much energy can blow out your pores and cause serious pock marks and I really don’t want to spend all theta money and even longer time doing it myself only to have a disappointment.

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       Miriya Paris 


      I agree 100% Cloe those little needles sound way to tricky.  That is why I was looking at a different type for home based. The one I am asking about has either a little two pronged probe or a patch with electric conducting gel, both of which are to give an electric pulse similar to the needle just not directly to the root but more general near the hair.  In hopes of course to accomplish the same result.  However the idea of shocking the face gives me the willies as it could be dangerous. 🥺

      Still they are not cheap machines at around $1000 so I might just end up at the docs office any way.  I am of course exploring all the options as I am not made of money.


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        Oh dear doing electrolysis on oneself and untrained?? Yikes! Nice thought to save money on hair removal though. My electrolysis specialist told me it’s the most expensive of transition medical care.

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           Danielle Fox 


          Electrolysis: is it a medical necessity? In my opinion yes it is if you wish to live as your true self!!! I know my medical doctor would write it up as such. The biggest barrier for most of us is decent or any insurance. There is another advantage if you are a military Veteran. We have access to VA medical which can definitely help those without insurance or without decent insurance. There will be co-pays with and without insurance if you use the VA. There is hope and as long as laws don’t get passed restricting access to medical care by the current or any future administration. Regardless we must stay vigilant and do what we must to keep the light shining on the positive message that we are not mental cases, we are human, we were born in the wrong body, and we will not be denied basic human rights and access to medical care! Of this I feel strongly and so does my wife.
          Danielle 💋👠

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