When Is It to Late to Start HRT


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      Its never too late ill be 70 only difference is that the younger you are the chance of stroke and heart attack are not as likely i have 4 adult children 10 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. I have been on hrt for 24 year. It would best to be on hormone blockers before puberty that way your voice wouldnt change but its too late for us. We just have to live with it.

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      This is really interesting for me, as I’ve been wondering what to expect. We all react differently to medication, so I know there is no hard fast rule, I’m just so new to this, I’ve hardly done any research.
      My first appointment with my GP is 27th Jan, so I’m sure he’ll be able to give me sound advice during my time with him. I am so lucky to have opened up to a Dr like him, he has experience with transgender patients and could not have been more happy to help me.
      Any advice from this community would be fantastic too, I’m heading into the unknown!

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      If everyone that answered ever had a reason to give up on themselves, it should be me!

      I am a young 67 yr old Trans Female.Β  Married with 2 children and 12 Grandkids.Β  ( I know, I kept them all out of Sex Ed. and biology classes !)Β  ROFL.

      I have been on HRT for about 6 yrs, my face looks about 10yrs younger, my fat is still relocating I have 40 C breasts !Β  ( so far without any plastic surgery ).

      I too wondered how much better I would of looked had I started 30 or more yrs before I did.Β  But at least I feel more at peace than I did 30 yrs ago.

      My shortened answer is ….Β  You are never too old, unless you have been called to Heaven.


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        I’m 65 yrs old and have been with my therapist for over a year now. She thinks I should begin HRT, but for various reasons I have decided not to.

        Thank you all for your perspectives on HRT as we get older!


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      I’m fifty-two as well and been on HRT since March. Girls our age may not get the same density of effects we still get some neat stuff happening. My skin is way better than it was, my body shape is changing, and I’m getting smallish breasts. Small but they are mine. I’m not a Dr. but I’d say go for it.

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      Andrea Smith

      I have read that age is not a limit to transition. General health is a likely factor.

      For me β€” I am dealing with renal cancer that is metastatic. I have one kidney. There is a newly discovered mass on the other kidney. My thyroid has been removed. Thats all bad enough β€” but at this moment I am otherwise OK.

      I fear that hormones are not an option β€” which still remains secondary to getting the treatment I need to deal with the cancer β€” but once I go back to remission (hopefully) I want to transition. Not sure what my options are. I realize I would need to speak with doctors about this.

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      Emily Alt

      I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen this question asked in various forums. There seems to be a lot of misinformation out there regarding transition.

      TLDR: Age isn’t a barrier to starting HRT. Your health could be. You’re never too old.

      I’m 62 and in pretty good health. My endocrinologist is one of the best trans docs on the West Coast. I started HRT almost 3 months ago. I’m doing Estradiol Valerate (monotherapy) injections every 3.5 days. It works. At some point I’ll add Progesterone to increase breast fullness and size. I think a C cup is within reach even at my age.

      My moodiness and clarity of thought started to improve after just a few days. Dysphoria and angst disappeared within a couple of weeks. Overall, my head is in a much better place.

      I also noticed some breast tenderness and sensitivity after a few days. That’s come and gone since I started, but has become stronger and more persistent in the last 2 weeks. I have breast buds and can definitely see a bit of growth. Tanner 2. Not enough to be noticeable in public….yet.

      When you get older it takes longer for estrogen to reverse the masculinizing effects of testosterone. Generally, changes will take longer and be less pronounced than someone that’s a lot younger, but there will be changes. And there are some stunning exceptions. I know of older girls that progressed rapidly and developed an impressive feminine appearance. Everyone is different. For those of us that aren’t satisfied with their results, there’s surgery.

      I’ve never heard of anyone, regardless of age, where HRT did nothing.

      I would offer that you have a talk with your doctor.


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      best bet is to talk your primary care provider… they will be able to discuss your options and possible effects.

      if you are in good health, there is a good chance that you can start HRT… now, that being said… estrogen is much subtler than testosterone so effects can be limited… a recent study out of the EU showed that the average breast size only increased a few centimeters or so after a year on HRT (after correcting for the demographics of the study group).


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        I have read a study on transgender breast development from the Netherlands.Β  I suppose thats the one you mention. A group of patients were monitored over a year of hormone theraphy with a target Estrogen level of 110 ifΒ  l understood it correctly. Generally there was only limited breast growth. Having talked alot with US girls in transition there are two major points that stand out (pun intended). The target Estrogen level is much higher, often 300-400 and a large number of individuals claim that there was limited development up to the two year mark, by when the breast growth suddenly accelerated.

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