Why did you want to change gender?

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    Sarah Baines

    I met my first anti-transgender. I’d be interested to know why you wanted to change from male to female, was it because you enjoy wearing womens clothes or was it because you’re not right  the head? genuinely interested to know.

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      I’m not right in the head, but that has nothing to do with transitioning. I think the “right in the head” statement didn’t bother me because I’ve never felt shame or that I was actually not right in the head because of my gender identity or anything else. I’ve considered my interest in many non-convential subjects and topics as part of experiencing life in the brief time we’re here — in life.

      As to why I want to change, it’s who I am and back when I was young it wasn’t a viable option. I didn’t hate my male body but I did feel a sense of well being when I realized my real gender and was fortunate enough to be able to start my transition. Having said that, I’ve always wanted breasts. I find the female body much more attractive than any male body.

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      “Not right in the head” is such a common assumption. So much so that I spent decades thinking I was crazy. It wasn’t until my psych eval. that I learned I wasn’t crazy at all.

      Part of gender is a social construct. In that regard I’ve always been female. My body is the only part that wasn’t. I’ve tried and tried to make my mind match my body, but that always felt odd and stressful. I’ve finally given up and accepted that a better solution is to alter my body to match my mind. And thanks to modern medicine, I can do that. (Yes, I know this is called dysphoria and it isn’t unique to me.)

      The net? I enjoy being female. It’s who I am. That’s why.

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      Gender is an innate quality in the same way that sexual orientation is an innate quality. This is why reversion therapy does not work. You can’t change what is a part of you. Being transgender or being gay is not because something is wrong with you because it isn’t.

      Anything that is done socially or physically to transition is done with the idea of reconciling ones physical being with mental perceptions. However, recognize that everyone doesn’t need to do this.

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      I’m fine in the head and it wasn’t because I just enjoyed wearing women’s clothes. I’ve always known I was a woman even when I was young so wearing women’s clothing was natural.

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        I can understand that. It is the same with me. The clothes just conform as opposed to a fetish. Just something normal.

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      I’m okay in the head.  It’s my body that isn’t in line.  Is that too hard to figure out, os ain’t you right in the head?



      Peace and love           Carly

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        OK… my body is same – not in line. I apologise for misunderstanding. English is my First language that I edit in and teach…. Maybe it is late at night and we can all miss out some useful words love. xxxxx

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      I am guessing it is you who has been asked??? My answer is that it is my right to take care of my mind and and my body and no other person’s right to judge and interfere. Given the fact that someone suggested it is a mental illness, does not suggest a qualified dialogue on an intellectual plane.

      Hope this helps Sarah.

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        I’m just interested in other peoples opinions, everyone seems to have their own reason. I wanted to change when i was a teenager, every year on my birthday i would wish that i was a woman but as i got older i saw programs such as boob jobs gone wrong and that really put me off; then i saw programs about men changing gender and that got me interested and about 4 year ago i started researching on the internet and found a shop in Manchester which sells HRT tablets for about £140 and so i took them for 2 year; the same shop also sold breast enlargement pills which i took but the were causing me some kind of reaction and so i had to stop taking them.  I went to my doctor who told me i wasn’t taking the right ones and that i could get them free on the NHS or for under £5 if not on the NHS; he also told me that i would have to live as a woman for 1 year before i could see a specialist; I rang them up last year to see what was happening and was told i would have to wait another year.  Sometime between May and December i should be seeing someone unless were still in lockdown.  It’s cost me a fortune in transitioning; and being told by someone that i’m delusional & not right in the head was insulting and offensive.

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        Glad you are fine in the head like me….

        I guess if you had added a couple of words…

        I met my first anti-transgender <b>(WHO SAID)</b> I’d be interested to know why you wanted to change from male to female, was it because you enjoy wearing womens clothes or was it because you’re not right the head? genuinely interested to know.

        It would have much more clear love… xxxxxx

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