Would you like your wife become the man of the house?

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      Would you like your wife become the husband of the house and you the little wife

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      Yes I would love my wife to become the man of the house and for me to live full time as Amanda this would be heaven as I  do most of the house work already but now as I am meant to be.

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      yes, on fact My wife and I have made this happen, too some extent.  It is working smoothly, no real issues.

      A nice change.


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      I would love that on a temporary basis, while I transitioned. My dream is to marry a man and live a normal life with him, just like any other married couple. I’m submissive and my wife wasn’t the dominant person I needed, so she didn’t help satisfy my womanly needs to follow a man’s lead

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        I have recently realised that I’m also submissive and would welcome the traditional housewife role…

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      No, I see us as equals.

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      I would never impose on her a role that she does not identify with. As it is, she manages the household finances and business and I do housework.

      But, it is me that, for example, went under the house to jack a corner up.


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      Pam Brown

      I voted yes, with the caveat she remains her authentic female self as the leader in the relationship.

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      Would I want to be a house wife?

      Yes, I’ve always dreamed of being a house wife.

      Would I want my wife to become the man of the house?

      No, I’m not married, but I do want a husband, so this is complicated

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      Dana Munson

      Not sure (I answered “Maybe”).  I probably dreamed about something like a time or two over the years, wondering what it would be like. But I agree with what another sister said here: I wouldn’t impose a role on her she didn’t agree to beforehand.  Also, I have to say that I am not really the submissive type (neither is my wife, btw!).  At any rate, with my wife becoming progressively more sidelined by reason of her growing dementia, I have been the de facto housewife around our home for about 2 years. A necessary job to be sure, but not personally fulfilling.

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      Toni Floria

      I lost my wife a. Little over a year ago  now I live alone as the lady of the house as I still miss my wife I do enjoy being the housewife

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      No, there is no such thing. I quit working and looked after the children and did the traditional housewife thing. My wife has the well paid job. I loved it of course.

      Yes I do maintenance and stuff but who says that’s ‘man of the house stuff. I have sisters who do the same thing as me. Fix ovens and paint or do practical things.

      ‘Man of the house’ is such a ridiculously old fashioned notion.

      I deal with a lot of administration stuff too, tax etc. But that’s because my wife has an intense job.

      My younger sister did all child care and the administration for her husband’s architect’s practice until she rebelled and told him to hire someone to do it.

      I get furious when I hear ‘man of the house’ crap. This isn’t the 1950s despite the attempt of the conservatives to change history and roll back time. That by the way means eliminating us. No place for us in their fantasy world

      Man of the house needs to be relegated to history.

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        Tara D

        Yes, this. What does “man of the house” even mean, outside of tired stereotypes? Patriarchy, even in reverse, is a trap for everyone. Far better is for each partner to handle what they are able to do, without thinking some tasks are set in stone because of gender, whether cis or trans.

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      [postquote quote=133193]

      I effectively became a housewife. I didn’t dream of being a housewife. I thought I wanted to be a fighter pilot when I was younger.

      But there were or are no fighter pilots in Ireland. I was deluded anyway.

      But it came naturally to me. I really felt I’d found my niche in life. I felt so comfortable in the role. More than that my sisters in law frequently used me as a babysitter and I mean babies also older children. I would regularly stay overnight in their houses. Also my own sisters would ask me to babysit.

      Stop and think about it for a moment. Would you ask a man to stay overnight in your house with your young daughter or indeed son.

      But I suppose instinctively they knew I was safe.

      They never say anything although occasionally there’s a comment.

      Recently I drank too much wine at a get together with her family. My wife was furious the next day because she said I was giving myself away.

      Well I think they worked it out already even if they say nothing.

      My wife has six sisters. I have four. They know me. It’s almost unsaid but also three of my four sisters know about me as, if not trans but a CD.

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      First off I’m not married, second and most important I answered no because I personally would feel more comfortable where the gender roles and expectations were flexible and blurred and traded off. If that makes any sense.

      It’s probably because that’s how I was reared my mom was either single or with very masculine women for allot of my childhood and youth, also probably because I figure my home would be a queer one, so it’s obviously not gonna be a normal or conformal place.

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      Well, I am divorced, now. But when I was married, I was the husband. I dreamed several times of “belonging” to my wife, as her wife, but it was only a dream. Now, of course, I have sort of become Roxanne, and would adore to be the wife! That would make me ever so happy and fulfilled. To be a Lady in a relationship (not an obedient “Sissy”) would make me so happy and fulfilled. If only the rest of the world would accept that! Oh, how I wish!

      Roxanne Lanyon

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      Since I started transitioning M to F that dynamic has pretty much occurred naturally. We love each other, that’s the first thing. I’ve become quite the lady over the past 2 years, and my wife has had to take over many male oriented chores, I actually have none of my male strength left at all. I’ve probably lost 40 pounds and am just a skinny girl now. I hate to get my hands dirty. Many things are now to gross to touch. I still handle bug duty though, she draws the line on that!

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