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by janefudd

Wanted to let you see what the picture looked like before I edited it since after editing I look so much like a cis-female. Not too bad for a 61 year old trans-female. Tell me what you think.


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Jane Fuddrucker

Started crossdressing as a teen, started estrogen 16 months ago and started progesterone a month ago. I've lost 60 lbs the last 14 months and feel the weight loss has done more to help me look feminine than the estrogen, it's definitely done more for my self esteem. Thank you Wegovy. Presently feel required to present as male most of the time but the more feminine I look the more I think I'll be comfortable presenting as female in public some day. Really hoping the progesterone makes for significant breast development so surgery isn't necessary but realize it's not likely, only possibly. I haven't told my son yet but my wife is supportive. I feel more comfortable inside when I'm in female clothes and wearing makeup but still worry to much about what other people think even though I know I shouldn't. Sometimes I wonder if I've lost touch with reality but I'm learning to accept who I am and how I feel. I'm hoping to make friends that truly understand my journey and the difficulties I face and who can offer advice on the issues I'm dealing with.

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    Tiffany James
    Tiffany James(@tiffany72)
    1 month ago

    Gorgeous you look absolutely amazing
    Now way your 61
    Looking good girl ❤️❤️

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