Red Maxi

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by gwendolyn-greer

Scarlet Colored Skirt


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Let's see: I was born in a different town than the one I, now, live in. I first was put in my sister's hand-me-downs when I was a toddler, her panties, her camisoles, her socks, and shoes, and her dresses. My parents were working class, and pinched every penny they could to provide for their 4 children. So, new clothes, were pretty much out of the question, for a 2-3 year old, like me, an unexpected 2nd boy. My clothes were always worn by my sister, and, later, older brother, before they were passed on to me, because they no longer fit my older siblings. That's just how it was. I never knew any different, until I was 5, and started kindergarten. Then, I was forced to wear only boy's things, from "tighty whities," to long pants, for the very first time. I hated it, and rebelled, and got spanked. When I realized this was what all 5 year old boys wore every day, I accepted it, as long as I was with them; then, when I got home, I took everything off, and, put back on what I was used to, my brother's and sister's hand-me-downs. The next day, I repeated the process; and, so it went. Then, before I knew it, I was caught up in that habit. So it continued until high school, when I could only sneak into my sister's room, filch her used, torn, castaways, retreat, back to my room; and first rub them on my privates, then, wear them, and use them to get sexually aroused, and relieve myself in them. I developed a routine, everyday, after school of doing this. My mother caught me several times. How could I explain that to her? So, I didn't. She was visibly upset. So, she found out about my private indiscretions. I think she might've been amused, as an afterthought. When I was about 12, her, and my sister dressed me up in a witch's costume, for Halloween. This meant my sister's underthings, a bra, a pair of black panties, a dress, makeup, stockings with a garter belt, and stuffing the bra slightly, to appear more girlish. My voice was still high-pitched, so I passed easily. This has, now, been going on most of my life, up until the present, but, not every day, mostly, on weekends. I also, sometimes sleep in nightgowns, if I feel the urge. I have looked into what it would take to go full time, but, am not ready to take the plunge, what, with hormones, a female identity, and changing my public appearance. It's too scary to contemplate.

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