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      Hello! Let me tell you a quick story about my transgender struggle:

      I have been struggling with gender issues my whole life. I am physically male but I have always felt as though I have a great deal of femininity in me, and wondered why I was not born a female.  It reached a problem-point when I lost my mind and became homeless for a while: I was sick of the people in my life not knowing who I am, not accepting me for who I am.  So I threw away my possessions and wandered the streets homeless for many months – over 6, one time.  Out there on the streets I began to feel free enough that I could express myself. I stayed at the women’s shelter and found the support overwhelmingly beautiful.  Overall I can say the world has supported me much more than my own family!  Thank you world!

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      I am so pleased you successfully transformed to become what you have known for a long time and have been accepted for so you are.

      I too have lovely feminine feelings but because I am married if I told my wife she would kick me out. Now I am to old at82 to do any thing about it.

      I love your story and it excited me so God Bless you sweetie xxxx

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      Hello Sophia,

      Welcome to our wonderful, accepting, loving, helpful community where you can be safe and be yourself.

      You can read about the knowledge and experiances of others on a similar path by reading articles and in the forums and chatting in chat rooms.
      My hope is that you will become comfortable here and make many new friends.

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      Glad you are here.
      Terri Anne, Ambassador

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        Michelle Lawson

        Sophia, one of the links that Terri sent you has info on our Local Places directory. Since I’m not sure where in Canada you are, I can’t be more specific, but I do know from experience there are a lot of listings for Canada in there if you need them. And if you have questions, or just that virtual helping hand, please reach out to any of the Ambassadors. We may not have the answer right then, but rest assured, we will find you the best answer we can. Hugs, Michelle

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      You are here! Very Good!

      I’m sorry that things took the turn that they did for you. However, it thinking about this from a broader perspective, perhaps what it says is that some situations need a hard reset. Not something that I would recommend, but it seems to have worked for you. Are you back to a stable situation now?

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      Yes I am in a stable situation now.  Thanks for the love!

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        DeeAnn Hopings

        Very Good!

        I suggest that you doing some searching around and see if you can connect with the community. Even if you live in a area with no trans or LGBT resources, many organizations have included an online component to their support groups and social gatherings. I live in a city adjacent to Palm Springs, CA and participate in 2 women’s chat groups (one for close to 3 years now) every week. In addition to the women here in the Coachella Valley, others call in from Central California, Las Vegas, Nebraska, Michigan, Seattle and West Virginia. They all have some connection to The Valley due to having 2nd home here, have vacationed here frequently or are considering moving here. When we were meeting in person exclusively, this would never have happened unless the women happened to be in town.

        Anyway, the important thing is to experience the support and camaraderie that we draw from being with our peers.

        Be Well!

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