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      I am from Tampa and have never gotten my orchiectomy because I just don’t believe I’m nuts to be TG and refuse to get the psych evaluation.  I’m over 50, so I should be able to make up my own mind.  Would anyone know a doctor willing to take me?

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      I’m from Indiana so the laws here may be different but I have a consult with a urologist for an orchi without having to see a psychiatrist. My doctor is with Mosaic Health and Wellness Arts.

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        Michelle Lawson

        My orchi back in 2019 was more or less informed consent. Granted, a single ‘letter’ of sorts was required, but that was merely a formality in my case. It could have easily been written by my endo, but to be on the safe side for any future endeavors, I sought out a therapist. I met with the therapist a half dozen times so we could cross the T’s and dot the I’s, and that was that. I had two letters. Heck, the surgeon that did my orchi also did my BA. Letters to him were just a box to check. And he is a really good surgeon and did a phenomenal job to boot.

        Hey Anna, we have Mosaic listed in our Local Places. woohoo!

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      I am not sure Penny, you say your not TG cause your not nuts to be TG?

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      Well, I’m kinda in a different boat. I’ve been having increased pain down below. It’s not overwhelming but is uncomfortable. I just had my annual physical and my doctor is referring me to a urologist. My current concern is that prostate cancer runs in the men from my mother’s side of the family. Depending on the results of any test, I’m hoping to have an orchiectomy as a precaution. I’m also getting ready to have my first colonoscopy. Any suggestions? It sucks getting older. I’m not even 50 yet.

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        Michelle Lawson

        Willa, I pray you don’t have cancer. No one wants that. A colonoscopy isn’t too bad; it’s the prep stuff you have to do beforehand that sux. Of course, if the pain issue is testicular in nature, then an orchi could be a win-win. Thoughts and prayers that all goes well. Hugs, Michelle

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          Thank you so much Michelle. I don’t think it’s cancer but I’ve read up on it. Even if it is, I’ve read that it is quite curable. Either way, I’m at peace. Definitely a win win, especially if and when I start HRT.

          Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers. It means a lot. I’ll keep you updated.


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        Hi Willa, I’m an intersex person and I can’t offer much help with the orchi but I’ve had lots of colonoscopies.  I have found that taking the pills with room temp Gatorade was the easiest approach.   Good luck,  Marg


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          Thanks Marg. I will definitely keep that in mind.


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      Hello Penny,

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      My hope is that you will become comfortable here and make many new friends.
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      sorry not much help on orchi.

      on colonoscopy  have you asked if you can do the cologuard? you just put a poop sample in a box n you’re done. they pick it up even. very painless n easy. Worth asking.

      good luck

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      My GP referred me to a urologist for an orchi without having a psychiatrist evaluation here in Indiana. A friend of mine from Illinois is planning on going to them too for HRT, so they accept out of state patients. Their name is Mosaic Health and Wellness Arts.

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      Dana Munson

      Hi, Penny!  There’s nothing “nuts” about being TG. (You haven’t been drinking any De Satan Kool-aid, have you?).  When I was young, evaluations by actual psychiatrists were pretty much a regular feature everywhere for TG candidates, exactly for the reason you hint at: there was a suspicion (very sexist at that) that a guy who wanted to be a girl was possibly not right in the head.  That is no longer the prevailing practice, it seems, but may still linger in some states. I am not posted on Florida’s current laws about medical treatment of TG patients. I can tell you that over this way, in California, no “psych” (as in psychiatrist) evaluation is required for the transition process to proceed. A therapist – totally different creature from a psychiatrist – may be necessary to offer input to the treating medical team at various times in the process.  For example, when I arranged for my tracheal shave (Adam’s apple removal), the plastic surgeon required a letter from my therapist opining that I was TG and a good candidate for the surgery. I will likely need another such letter from him later this year when – I hope! – I get my orchi done.  A therapist can help you work through mental and emotional issues surrounding your being TG – depression, anxiety, etc. – but they do not render opinions about a patient’s sanity, which is a medical determination strictly in the province of a psychiatrist (who is, after all, a species of medical doctor).

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