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    This may not be the most appropriate topic to place this post under and the admins are welcome to move the post if there’s a better place for it.

    First, let me start by saying that I hate the hypersexualization of our community as forced upon us by mainstream media. I also despise the sissy fetish that is sometimes found in our community (nothing against anyone who identifies as a sissy… I’m just not one and don’t appreciate people who assume I am). (By the way, Whipping Girl is very empowering if you haven’t read it yet.)

    That said, for a few weeks now, I’ve been considering trying a chastity cage to see if it will diminish my dysphoria. Have any of you used a chastity cage in this sense? What have been your emotional experiences? I don’t really care to hear about it sexually. I’m not really interested in that aspect. But I welcome all insight you all might have.


    ❤️ Tara

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    Unfortunately I see the desire to be objectified in our community. I believe it is a manifestation of the desire for feminine acceptance. This and porn can be a way to finance the expensive surgeries. I am not above a little TG porn.But after the vicarious pleasures are over I find it makes me kind of sad and empty after watching it along with the feeling I am contributing to a problem. It also makes me feel guilt as a spouse and enhances frustration about not being fully “out” but being fully committed. In the end the objectification of women in general is tweaked by the taboo exotic nature of a beautiful pre-bottom surgery woman. The desire for societal beauty conformity in the TG community I think hurts us in that for most of us it is not even remotely possible and accepting  the inner self as a beautiful woman needs to precede the physical pursuit of beauty as a woman. Label these as thoughts from someone who thinks what is inside defines us more than our body style or societal expectation and who has deep compassion for her sisters and their struggles

    love to you sweetheart and thank you for this post



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       Cloe (CC) Webb 
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      I think you are right, you have to accept yourself on the inside first.  I would think if anything the chastity device would create even more dysphoria by drawing attention.  I go tucked all t e time and many days don’t even know I am.

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