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Since it's a new year, I thought I would share a few (article oriented) insights. One of the things that pulled me into this site and Crossdresser Heaven were the articles. Within them, I saw myself, and I realized that I wasn't even close to being alone in my thoughts and feelings. By writing articles for both sites, it helped to put me more at peace. For an over-thinker like me, that's a BIG deal. I originally came to this site from CDH because I understood that I was more… This site offers a more candid look at those feelings, worries, frustrations, indecisions, and the possibilities that await me as I walk my personal path.

I invite you to share your stories with the rest of us, and by you, I mean everyone from the curious, the significant others, the ones in transition, the ones post transition, the ones happy where they are, the ones looking for more, the ones in search of answers, the ones with the answers, those on either end of the spectrum, those in the middle…(you get the point.) We grow and become a larger, more diverse, helpful site when we share our multiple perceptions. Many of us want to know the answers to questions we've struggled with, and in some respects, to those we haven't even thought about yet. That's where the articles help.

You don't need to be a magical word-spinner to contribute to the article section of the site. We have editors to help you form your thoughts into meaningful words. You have to be the one to get it started. Don't know how to begin—start at the beginning. I am me today becauseThis is what I want, what I fear, what I feel. Most articles are 500-750 words in length; sometimes longer if need be to express their point. Meaningful articles are those that share emotion and feeling, help others in similar situations, inspire us to be better or take new steps forward, and also those that share knowledge and solutions to the issues that many of us are currently dealing with or likely to face down the road. I suggest adding some humor in there as well. Laughter is always welcome.

What would you tell your earlier self to avoid the pitfalls that you went through? What is it like to go through the various stages of transition? What are the mistakes we make that could have been avoided? Be a big sister or brother and share your wisdom. I love to laugh, and I would love to read about other's mishaps and triumphs. I want to hear from the significant others and how they feel. There is so much that can be shared…it matters. My job is to help publish your articles (within the guidelines of decency) on the site. If you submit one that isn't quite there yet, I'll let you know and offer suggestions on how to make it ready.

Take a gamble, put your thoughts down and submit them. It might help you, and I know it will help others. The more we can help each other, the more we help ourselves.

Sabrina (Brina) MacTavish

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So true Brina, What we give away comes back to us many fold, regardless of what we have to give.

Not one of has all the answers, but one of us has one answer for one more of us and that's how we all get, all the answers.
I wish you an Amazing and Magical 2020 Dear soul

n always huggles Brina

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we all have a different story and some times we don't even no why we do this all i no my self i should of done this when i was a lot younger but did not know how too but i am happier know there are place we can go and get better help and i and know doing what i should of done a longtime ago 🙂

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This is the same in regards to the people of our age, as there was no help or understanding as we were growing up. Family discipline, the freedom of shopping and financial resorces weren't the same. As we grew up we were told we had to meet a set of rules for life, boys were boys and girls were girls all depending what was betwen the legs.

We grew up with these values even if it didn't apply, we had to keep life happy for every one at our expence. Married life in most cases took started the life of gender suffering, but we put our femine asside not to harm those family needs and keep the peace.

My wife say's i should have left and done my thing years ago (46 years married,a
and still), before i got all old and saggy, but still accepts the realms of my hard work and family support. But i am now the selfish one who has been struggling and now wants freedom. She has known about Sharon since the first year of our marriage. So to me who is the selfish one. With retirement pending, it is going to interesting.


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