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Police surveillance and use of pepper spray at trans solidarity protest condemned

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We can see how the police are consistently on the side of the well-funded campaigns against us. From the Network for Police Monitoring:

Netpol has condemned the violence used by Metropolitan Police officers against demonstrators at the Royal College of General Practitioners in London on Saturday 23 March. Trans rights campaigners, solidarity activists and anti-fascists gathered outside the Euston venue to protest a conference on conversion therapy, an abusive psychiatric intervention aimed at trans and gender non-conforming youth.

The protest took place during a critical time for trans rights within so-called Britain, with the government blocking a parliamentary bill that would see conversion therapy banned and the recent announcement that gender-affirming care for trans youth would be cut from the NHS...

Police actions quickly became more aggressive and at around 12.30pm, officers attacked the crowd. Netpol has received eyewitness reports of the police violence from some of the people present, which paint a disturbing picture Activists reported having PAVA (similar to pepper spray) sprayed directly in their faces and eyes at close range after a police officer dropped a pair of handcuffs in the crowd. The police line lashed out at those in the vicinity while retrieving the equipment. Several people reported that a senior officer, Inspector 226311, either appeared to authorise the use of PAVA spray or used it directly.


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