If it came easy . . .

One of my favorite words in the English language – Freedom!

This one word truly sums up my deepest core values all in two syllables.

One of my favorite questions was asked by Mr Shakespeare, a name you may be familiar with. The question is famous, To Be? Or not to be?  When I heard this question I chose and choose To Be, even though I had no idea then, what exactly that meant, but it felt right. Nowadays it still has its challenges and still feels right, so I continue expand on that.

I have however, like many others, worn a yoke of shame and guilt around my neck for the most of my life. A yoke made of self-loathing beliefs and habits of thinking.

En Femme Style

Beliefs like, something must be wrong with me because this way of decorating my body feels more natural and fun for me; I am so different from other people there must be a wire off on my hard drive someplace, and allowing this part of me to emerge and be seen, will certainly be the death of me.

None of these imagined ideas are truths, they are simply ideas repeated long enough, that hey, sort of crystallize into beliefs; believing they are true about us, but they are simply habitual ways of thinking. Judging it as good or bad, like we have the right and authority to judge anything accept our own choices.

I was having a conversation with a good friend not long ago, as he leaned against the big truck he drove, wearing greasy and dirt covered overalls smelling of diesel and old grease. This friend is a large, good ole redneck hard working Saskatchewan farmer, hands like dinner plates, and a heart of gold, an honorable and genuine good guy.

“Ya know Char”, he said, “the only difference between your stuff and some other folks stuff, is that yours shows up on the outside, but I’ve lived here all my life and trust me, everybody’s got something going on, we just don’t see it as easy as we see yours”.

The part of me that has emerged over the last couple of years, I have begun to truly embrace and support and making it visibly clear to others. Not so long ago I had only felt shame and guilt, even admitting this part of my spirit might exist. This belief above all other beliefs I held, was the most self-condemning and self-destructive belief of all.

This belief summed up in a single word, the complete opposite, and the essence of my deepest core desire and value was Freedom!

I had allowed this belief to hold me back from realizing many of my dreams. What habitual, self-disparaging belief do you subscribe to? Is it the one that immobilizes you at times? Then it’s time for a change my friend! We make changes to last, when we have had enough of the way things are currently being experienced; individually and collectively.

This week, notice it, that stinky belief. Accept that you are an eternal being, created as perfectly as every other living creature on the planet, including the planet, exactly as you are meant To Be. You are perfection exactly as you have been created, allowing the emergence of your Being, who says – no thank you to any self-limiting or self-judging thoughts, regardless of our opinion or idea.

No matter who you think are, it is only an opinion that makes it a good or not good quality, characteristic or anything.

It is one thing to review thought and action, then make some adjustments to increase performance of our body and increase the quality of our experience; it is entirely another to identify ‘self’ with these false ideas by forming ‘I Am’ judgments and beliefs.

This week, tune that inner ear in to the frequency of the question, what do I believe that keeps me from having my amazing life?

Identify it for what it is, an idea, an opinion, and chose to dismiss it in that moment. Deep breath – what I choose to believe is . . . (fill in the blank with your empowering new idea)  . . . Repetition and commitment to practice is a real challenge and not always easy as our old belief fights for its survival. Continuous practice in supporting yourself To Be, will soon have this simple idea becoming the new belief, life will be forever changed in a positive and self-supporting way for each of us. My path to Freedom has been carefully thought through and imagined into becoming my life experience; I am so grateful for this adventure.

Thank you for reading Your Weekly Reset and thank you for being exactly who you are!




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From a life of struggle, addiction and suicide attempts, to Published Author, Certified Life Coach/Certified Hypnotist and building an online support service for peeps like us. Intentionally and Consciously Creating a Rewarding, Abundant Life of Purpose, Passion & Possibility is what I Am all about...

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Tonya G
Tonya G(@happytobe1)
3 years ago

Hi Char, Hope to be able to make it to your’s and Sophies video session. Enjoy your inciteful view of life. I saw that you are from Australia. I’ve always had a convoluted connection to your country. My dad always spoke fondly of the people there. He fought along side your soldiers during WWII. He was a 2nd Lieutenant of the first jungle trained troops our country had. He was among the first of our countries soldiers to step foot in New Guinea. He rarely spoke of the war but when he did it was usually of his love of… Read more »

Tonya G
Tonya G(@happytobe1)
3 years ago
Reply to  Charee

My wife said she’s not opposed to someday moving to Canada as long as the kids come with us.
She can’t fathom the thought of being away from the granddaughters. She suffers from an affliction I call “ a-cute babyitis “ (pun intended)

Sarah Mack
Sarah Mack(@sometimesarah)
4 years ago

Very well said thank you for sharing and I also live in Saskatchewan in a small town

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