The World vs. Michelle: The “Boob Job”

Yesterday marked a huge shift in how I will live my life from this day forward. That ‘huge shift’ is what the following conversation is all about…..

Wow, someone looks like something big happened recently…..

Yep, after all the waiting, I was finally able to have my breast augmentation done yesterday. But I wouldn’t exactly say they are huge, rather the step itself is huge.


What do you mean the “Step itself is huge?”

Because up until they wheeled me into surgery, and my visible breasts were what I called my “bee-stung starter set” or with something that I could apply and remove at will. But now after surgery, what I have will be with me around the clock, day in and day out.

Why are you giggling?

Because when I think about that, I think of the fact that most cis-women have natural breasts and don’t give them a second thought. And even a lot of transgender women have gotten all the breasts they want naturally via HRT. But for some reason, in my mind, the way I think, I would not have crossed that “I am female now” line without also having a breast augmentation.

So then, are other transgender women not transgender without either natural or augmented breasts?

Oh no, that’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m saying that is a threshold for me. Heaven’s no, I’d never say or feel that way. We are all different, and we all look at things through our “life prism.”

That sounds good. So, tell me about how things went…

Well, the operation was scheduled for 8:30 am yesterday and I had to be at the hospital at 6:30 am, which meant I had to be up getting ready at 3:00 am and a 2-hour drive.

Checked in at the out-patient surgical group, and then once all the paperwork was in order, I went down to pre-op to get changed, all my vital signs taken, IV stuff put in place, and a litany of people come by to discuss the procedure. Then the surgeon came by, implants in hand, to make the sharpie placement marks and take some “before” pictures.

Then it was off to the operating room and go nite, nite…..

And then I woke up in recovery with a flurry of activity making sure I am getting somewhat back to normal. Get back into the clothes I wore there, go over the post-op procedures and paperwork, and then my daughter and I left for home.

So, your daughter was with you?

Yep, you must have someone bring you and take you home because of the anesthesia. Even a day later and I still feel some of the effects. And my daughter was who my surgeon spoke to after surgery was done. He only had to make a couple of small incisions and he said there was very little bleeding.

How are things going now that the surgery is over, and you have been home?

Well, you know, the older you get, the longer the healing process takes. And the same with getting anesthesia and pain meds out of your system. And the surgical bra I had to wear home feels like something out of a horror movie used to torture people. And I had to keep it in place for 48 hours. And me being a scaredy-cat and a worrywart, I was, and still am, overly cautious about the healing adventure.

What about taking a shower and keeping things clean?

Well, I got hold of a good sports bra and took a shower today. Oh, that felt so good. And no problem in the shower at all. I figured I’d get all weirded out getting the incisions wet and washing my “breasts” for the first time. But nope, everything went well. Put the sports bra back on and they feel wonderful. I am going to wait until after my first follow-up appointment to see what the surgeon recommends before I run out and buy more bras though.

Since you actually touched them to shower, do things feel different?

No, not really. I hear that the feeling is different with other women, so I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. But you sure can’t move your arms in the same positions as before because there is now a breast, or two, in the way…. And I was able to raise my arms so I could wash under my arms; something I hear can be difficult.

How about bedtime, has surgery affected that?

Yep, I’m a side sleeper and not used to wearing a bra to bed. So, learning to sleep on my back has been tough. But I propped up some pillows and that helps a lot. And I guess I’m not rolling around. And I have also reverted to button-top pajamas to make it easier.

So, what’s the next big step in all of this?

That really depends on what the surgeon says at my follow-up. So far I just see good things, but he is the surgeon, and he has done and seen all of this countless times. So, I will listen to what he tells me.

You seem really happy. I guess things went well with the surgeon at the follow-up?

The surgeon was very pleased with the progress after five days. He agreed about the positions still being good, and the fact that there is no bruising or bad stuff from the incision. He even took off the steri-strips, but I made him put a big band-aid back over the incision because I am afraid something in the sports bra I have will harm the incision. And he said I could sleep on my side. He wants to see me in six weeks. Oh, and he gave me some pointers on what to do to help to get the pocket, the implants will form in, to be softer. And he even autographed his work…. I loved that….

Well, I need to scoot and get some work done. Are you free for coffee after your next appointment with your surgeon so we can chat some more? This sounds so interesting to me.

Not a problem. I thoroughly enjoy what my breast augmentation has done for me all around. So, if this kind of talk will help you with your plans, then I would love to sit and chat again…..



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Michelle Lawson

Well as for the physical 'me'; I had an orchiectomey in October of 2019 and my BA in Oct of 2021. Along with that, will be a change to all of my identification; name changes and gender markers. As for the rest of the 'what makes Michelle tick', come visit the Chat Rooms, and the Forums. As a Manager on TGH, I help to make sure your experiences here are safe, happy, supportive, and educational. You are here to grow and thrive, and we are here to nurture that growth. I look forward each day to helping to keep TGH the de facto standard for support in the transgender community. I look forward to chatting with you all, and reading through what you all post. And if you come across a transgender friendly or supportive place, drop me a line so we can figure out how to add it to our Local Places.

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Natasha Belle
Natasha Belle(@natashabelle)
2 years ago

Thank You so much for sharing this Michelle and I hope everything is still going well. I’m just over a year from my BA after the first attempt was aborted due to the staff not reading my notes properly. Normal anesthetic doesn’t work on me, something to remember for any girls who haven’t been under the knife. It’s worked out great as the hormone growth will have topped out more or less, and my ex- who had hers done the same day is delighted by the work done. It’s good to read up on what happens elsewhere and a bit… Read more »

Bridgett Gamble
Bridgett Gamble(@bridgettii)
2 years ago

Congratulations on your big move. Know that you are looking forward to to engaging the world in a new and exciting way. Thanks for sharing

Veronica McCaskill
Veronica McCaskill(@veronicarose)
2 years ago

Eventually I would like to get my breasts done, but just want some info on how its like

2 years ago

Congratulations! And thank you for sharing your experience with us. Big hug.

Alice Politte
Alice Politte
2 years ago

Congratulations, I can only imagine what its going to be like.

2 years ago

Congratulations, Michelle! Breastdom and womanhood go hand-in-hand. Yes, sometimes they’re a nuisance, but I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Tia Tracy
Tia Tracy
2 years ago

OMG sister, welcome to the wonderful world of breastdom. In a while you’ll be cursing them for getting in the way of your normal life. I actually had to learn how to shoot darts and play pool differently and continue adjusting as mine are yet still growing. I hope your as happy as I am for you and wish the wobble while walking sensation on all TG/TS’s. Huggz Tia
Note: wait untill you traverse down your first flight of stairs sis. MMMMMmmmmm

Michelle Brown
Michelle Brown(@michelle57)
2 years ago

Congratulations Michelle,Great article.Hope all goes well.Thanks and hugs.

Joanna Keller
Joanna Keller(@joannalovely)
2 years ago

What a wonderful story Michelle!! you nailed it. Very informative and fun as well.
pink hugs

Stacey Taylor
Stacey Taylor(@stacey101)
2 years ago

congratulations! I was lucky HRT gave me a nice B cup and I absolutly love them.

Bridgett Gamble
Bridgett Gamble(@bridgettii)
2 years ago
Reply to  Stacey Taylor

Are still feeling the sensations along with growth spurts?

Rebecca Dawn
Rebecca Dawn(@rebeccaingresham)
2 years ago

Such wonderful news! Congratulations and I hope you love them forever 🙂

Samantha G.
Samantha G.(@samantha2015)
2 years ago

Congrats Michelle, hope you are healing well !!

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