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Dear friends

I am writing to let you that my mom passed away recently.

She had been stricken with cancer and I put her in hospice on January 6th.  I wanted to share with all of my friends, especially Vanessa, that before she passed away I told her I was her daughter. And although she probably knew because I look like a female she cried and said she accepted me and loved me and told me how beautiful I was to her.

My life will go on as a girl even though I’m alone now with no family. Knowing I have each and every one of you makes me feel loved.

I’ve learned that girls like us need to live each and every day to its fullest because we only get one life to live and no matter what society thinks we should just be true to ourselves.

Yes, it’s a sad time for me right now but I know that my mom is with God and healthy and beautiful. I know that she will always watch over me. The last words she said to me as I held her hand was that she loved me.

When I woke up to receive a phone call from hospice to let me know that she had passed, I realized that I needed to be strong and somehow get through this. I asked God for peace in my heart.

Please know that each and every one of us struggles with each passing day to live in a world where society frowns on us. Who cares that I’ve felt like a girl since I was 8 or 9 years old. Today, I have no regrets. Even though being a girl is hard work, keeping ourselves as feminine as possible, I want you all to remember that inside we are all beautiful and that’s all that matters.

Well, we are in a new year now and starting a new decade, so I hope each of you find health love and happiness in the coming days ahead.

When we were born we were crying and everyone around us was smiling, live your life so that when we die everyone around us is crying and we are the ones who are smiling.

Being a girl is not about what’s between our legs it’s about what’s between our ears.

Remember that Hood is a good thing because with Hope we always have something to look forward to.

I love reading all of your articles on here. I know how much all of you struggle on a daily basis because all we want is to be loved and accepted for who we are.

You are all beautiful! Thank you for your friendship and love!

❤️ Paige

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Paige Valentina

Transgender female who is extremely feminine and highly passable as a woman. I absolutely love being a girl.

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Active Member
Charee (@charee)
19 days ago

I’m called to remember the last words spoken on the cross; forgive them, for they know not what they do… I forgive those who do not understand for judging me and I feel empathy and compassion or their ignorance and fear. You are right Paige, who we are is in our heart and mind, not in our pants or skirt. Only we can know who we are regardless of the opinion of others. I know there is sadness for you just now; it may never leave you completely, and I am grateful for the peace that you Mother, and both… Read more »

Active Member
Charee (@charee)
4 days ago

Paige, it would be an honor and a privilege to be in your circle of friends Hon. Stay you, stay beautiful and let the world see Amazing Paige,,,unapologetically 😉 Only by being seen, being present and never shrinking to the les aware, will we eventually over come their fears… My Dad used to say, if you conquer your fear, you will conquer theirs; perhaps one of the wisest things he ever said to me I think, and I have seen it happen over again each time I am fully present, being kind and un-apologetic in each new situation. Walk tall… Read more »

Active Member
Charee (@charee)
4 days ago

Yaaaaaaay!!! hehehe What a beautiful thing to be Freeeeeee hey!

You are a breath of fresh air in this sometimes stagnant world Paige 😉

Namaste Hon,
and huggles of course hehe

Angela Mason
Angela Mason (@angelam)
21 days ago

Been there too and it happened when I was 10 when my mom passed.I know she would of loved me no matter what later in my life

James Smith
James Smith (@whodat)
22 days ago


Suzanne Paffrath
Suzanne Paffrath (@suzanne)
26 days ago

Hi Paige, I’m sorry to hear about your mom,moms are so specail.My mother had to explain my infant operation to me when I was 55.They had kept me in the dark all those years. I thought I was a crossdresser and hid a lot from society. I live in Cape Charles today a very excepting town most know me as sometimes male sometimes female.I am a 60/40 M/F intersex. Its nice to work on my boat dressed as a lady. Go to the post office,grocery store ,banks and clubs and never have to concern myself with changing just some stuble… Read more »

Dawn Summers
Dawn Summers (@dawnautom)
26 days ago

Hi Paige,
I’m so very sorry to hear about your mother’s passing my condolences dear 🌹 hugs dear,

✌️ ❤️ By for now

Sophie Bourne
Sophie Bourne (@sophiebourne)
26 days ago

Hi Paige… I am so very very sorry for your loss. I feel for you hon, and am really glad you have friends who can support you here.

just wanted to say … you’re awesome girl. So beautiful In body, mind and spirit. Your mum would be proud and thrilled to have such a wonderful daughter.

Love and hugs from one girl to another xxx

Maxine Johnston
Maxine Johnston (@doromax)
27 days ago

Dearest Paige,
I am brand new to this web family, and I am so deeply sorry for your loss! I lost my mom very recently as well, and I share in your grief. I am here for you, beloved, if you need support. Just remember this-it’s okay that you’re not okay.
My thoughts and prayers are with you, and we will get through this together!
Your Sister in grief

Crissy Crisson
Crissy Crisson (@crissy)
27 days ago

I am so sorry for your loss.

Tonya G
Tonya G (@happytobe1)
27 days ago

Sorry to hear about the passing of your mom. Good to hear that you were able to tell her that you are a woman. I wish I had done so before my parents passed but it was a different time then and I fear they wouldn’t have understood. Hope you find a “sole mate “ to accompany you through life’s journey. I’m sure you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.

Nadia McRae
Nadia McRae (@nadia)
27 days ago

Sorry to hear of your loss sweets. Sending my condolences.

Hannah Taylor
Hannah Taylor (@hannahtaylor)
30 days ago

i’m sorry to hear your news Paige , stay strong. i’m sending you a big hug

John Kirklin
John Kirklin (@1985bigkirk)
1 month ago

Page im so sorry for your loss sweetheart.. You seem amazing I hope you find comfort.. I wish I could help

Hannah (@hannah)
1 month ago

Paige your story gives me hope… I was just at that point where my nephew (former niece) had revealed his transgender journey to my Mom – his grandmother of course… I sat down with my mom to see how she was handling Paul’s revelation, She shared with me her letter that she sent to my nephew Paul. It noted her confusion but it most importantly told of her love and acceptance. She passed away before I could share my transgender journey of Hannah with her. It would have broken her heart to lose her son but I’ll always believe that… Read more »

Evilin Hartman
Evilin Hartman (@evilin)
1 month ago

I’m so sorry honey.
Susannah Park
1 month ago

My condolences.



Timmie Sawyer
Timmie Sawyer (@sawman56)
1 month ago

I’m so sorry to hear, Hugs

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